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The #1 Way to Boost Productivity & Profitability for Property Management Companies

Can more productivity happen at the same time that companies experience more profits?

Download “The Four-Hour Hiring System” E-book!

Learn how to hire the right team to scale your property management business (and profits) with our free e-book, The Four-Hour Workforce Building System

How Much Do Virtual Team Members Save You?

The cost savings associated with utilizing virtual team members might be more than you think. Use our Cost Savings Calculator to compare the bottom line of hiring W-2 employees versus virtual team members.

How to Hire a Property Management Virtual Assistant (Successfully)!

What can a property management virtual assistant do for your business? Read here about hiring a real estate virtual assistant!

Get Your Free Hiring Kit!

Hiring a virtual assistant is easier with the right insights and resources. Click to download your free Real Estate Virtual Assistant Hiring Kit!

Download our free case study “From Chaos to Clarity!”

Learn more about how hiring a property management virtual assistant can help your business.

Launching Your Career as a Property Management Virtual Assistant

The global trend of working at home is growing in popularity. New remote job positions are opening all the time, expanding the horizons for just about every industry—including that of property management.

Get The Guide to Launching Your Career as a Property Management Virtual Assistant

Get ready to start your own challenging, rewarding career as a property management virtual assistant

Learn How to Get the Most Out of Your Conference Experience with Deb Newell

Listen in as Deb Newell explains how to implement the new strategies once you get back to the real world. 

Learn the ABCs of ESAs with John Bradford

Learn how an ESA pet screening can save time, reduce your liability, and add revenue to your business.

Insurance Programs for Property Managers with Eric Wetherington

Learn how you can provide a win for residents and owners and make a profit using insurance programs.

Company Accounts High Level

We have just released a new feature on our VA hiring platform called, Company Accounts. This video will explain the differences between the old version and the new version of vpmpsolutions.com.

Company Accounts Member Section

With VPM Solutions' Company Accounts feature, learn how to better manage your company profile with the new Member's Section.

Quickstart Guide

This video is an overview of how the new Quickstart Guide can help you in setting up your company profile on the VPM Solutions platform. This is a great way to get started with our platform!


Manage jobs you add on the VPM Solutions platform effectively, and with ease through the new Workspace feature.

Company Details

Learn about what a Company Owner and a Company Manager can and cannot do in the new Company Details section on the VPM platform.

Time Logs

VPM Solutions has released a new, updated Company Accounts feature. This video explains how the Time Logs section works for Company Owners and Company Managers.

Navigating Jobs

Learn how to navigate VPM's new and improved job section. We have just updated our jobs section and it is now easier to navigate and manage.

Consultant View

With the Consultant View, company owners can now assign different roles with different access for other members managing their company profile on the VPM platform.

Empire Industries Case Study (Part 1)

In this video, find out why we decided to hire virtual assistants and how we went "From Chaos To Clarity" in our Property Management business.

Empire Industries Case Study (Part 2)

In this video, we discuss how we find which role a virtual assistant could fill, and how we chose the right VA from an applicant pool.

Empire Industries Case Study (Part 3)

In this video, we discuss how to help a Virtual Assistant transition to their role and how much a Virtual Assistant can contribute to your business.

Empire Industries Case Study (Part 4)

In this final part for our "From Chaos To Clarity" series, find out what the results are when you hire a Virtual Assistant.

Can I Trust A Virtual Assistant?

Having second thoughts about hiring a virtual assistant? Do you want to make sure they can be trusted? Perform a background check!

How Do I Train A Virtual Assistant

Considering hiring a virtual assistant but not sure about the training process after hiring one? In this video, learn how to successfully train a VA.

How To Hire A VA Through VPM

Watch this video on how to hire a VA through the VPM platform.

VPM's Hiring Steps Program

In this video, we will talk about VPM's Hiring Steps Program. Save time with your hiring process through VPMS's Hiring Steps Program.

Using VPM's Talent Match Feature

In this video, learn about VPM's Talent Match feature. This feature helps employers search for VAs who would likely be a better match for the job role.

Uploading Files To A VA's Workspace

This video shows how to upload various files to a virtual assistant's workspace in the VPM Solutions platform.

How to Find Virtual Assistants

Looking for help managing your business? Learn how to find virtual assistants through VPM! With the right help, you can focus on what you're good at and leave the rest to someone else.

How To Update Your Time Log

Watch this video for a quick demonstration on how to update your timesheet on our platform. This process is simple and straightforward, and will help ensure your timesheet is always up-to-date.