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If you're looking for your next virtual assistant—but don't want the headaches of expensive placement fees, training fees, or monthly management fees—WE are the answer you've been looking for to find your ideal VA.

Virtual Property Management Solutions delivers the property management talent you need without any fees for employers!

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Hiring your next virtual assistant is that easy—and there are no fees. Ever.

How Does VPM Compare?

Services Traditional Company
Hiring / Placement / Finders Fee Free $500 - $2500
Start the process of finding/hiring a VA 24 hours / 7 days week Wait for A Placement Meeting
Time to find VA Minutes Days or weeks
Find VA world-wide
Match VA based on specific criteria
Hourly oversight management fee Free Up to $3 per hour
Payment Method: Credit Card*
Payment Method: ACH**
Payment Processing Fee 1-3% 1-3%
Platform Fee Free 10.00%
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* 1% Payment Processing Fee Applies for ACH Payments
** 3% Payment Processing Fee Applies for Credit Card Payments

We told you we're serious! You don't pay us any fees to find your ideal VA.