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Who is VPM

VPM Solutions is made up of a like-minded team that shares a passion for property management and has years of experience running best-in-class property management companies across the nation. As a joint venture between Heather and Michael Park of Geekly Media (more recently known as RentBridge), Ross Gilbert, and Pete Neubig (formerly Empire Industries Property Management), we're dedicated to helping property management companies grow and become more profitable. That's why we've committed our resources to developing tools to connect property management companies with virtual team members through our VPM Solutions platform!

Why did we create VPM?

VPM Solutions was built by property managers for property managers to solve some of today’s most complex challenges:

  • The increasing cost of payroll does not leave enough room for profit
  • The difficulty in finding good people to perform low-level jobs at a cost that is effective for the business
  • The stress level of your team (because we all know to be profitable, you need to manage more properties than your team can effectively manage).
  • The lack of communication to your owners and residents 
  • The increasing churn rate of owners leaving or residents moving out due to mistakes and lack of communication
  • Running a reactive business instead of a proactive business
Why did we create VPM

Our Mission

With every decision, we strive to: 

Create Connections

  • Property management companies need work completed. Virtual team members are ready and eager to work remotely. VPM Solutions provides a safe and secure platform for meeting and exchanging services. 
  • Using today's latest technology, managers in the property management industry can make lasting connections with high-quality team members. This benefits businesses by reducing operating costs and helps contract workers by providing reliable work-from-home income. It's a win-win scenario!
Create Connections

Help You Hire the Best

  • Our training platform makes it easy to browse virtual team member certifications to ensure you hire the right person for the right seat.  
  • Hone your candidate selection based on specific skill sets, relevant work experience, English proficiency, education, and certifications.
  • Candidates can set up a profile displaying their skills, experience, and accomplishments to help you connect with the right candidate quickly.
Help You Hire the Best

Make the Most of Your Resources

  • Hiring virtual team members allows companies to lower overhead and speed up essential property management processes focusing on affordability.
  • Property managers can focus on growing their businesses while independent contractors handle day-to-day property management tasks.
  • Your virtual team member is a professional extension of your company, from responding to tenant complaints and scheduling repairs to advertising properties and chasing down late rent payments.
  • Every virtual team member is trained, so your team can hit the ground running in any time zone!
Make the Most of Your Resources

Our Vision

For Property Managers

VPM Solutions was built by property managers for property managers. It is the first and only staffing solution platform dedicated exclusively to the property management industry.

This platform makes it possible to:

  • Access top talent across the globe
  • Remove liability and reduce costs
  • Find talent with English proficiency
  • Offer online training courses
  • Support specialty job placement for property management
  • Industry-specific job role templates with recommended English proficiency and DiSC profile
  • Utilize our Referral Programs to find more talent
  • Skip tax complications.
  • We make it easy to manage your remote workers with our company accounts.  Track time, then pay.

VPM Solutions makes it easier than ever to find the high-quality workforce you need—from anywhere.

    We take care of payments.    We take care of tax documents.   We connect you to peer-reviewed professionals.

  We help you hire for specific projects or time frames!


For Virtual Team Members

VPM Solutions is the first and only staffing solution platform dedicated exclusively to the property management industry, but there are plenty of roles available to virtual assistants with a variety of experience. 

This platform makes it possible to:

  • Work from home
  • Participate in our paid Referral Program
  • Access online training opportunities
  • Enter the property management field with no experience required
  • Work according to your needs: part-time, full time, or by project
  • Negotiate how, when, and for whom you work
  • Get discovered faster by potential companies
  • Track your working hours easily online
  • Gain valuable feedback from your peers.

Our Values


We are Passionate

It's our passion for excellence that sets us apart from other companies. We set high standards because we know our clients deserve nothing less. Our team is more than capable of delivering an experience unlike any other. When mistakes happen (and they will), we strive to learn, grow, improve, and apply that knowledge to every part of our business. 


We are Innovative

We're naturally driven. We set our goals high and keep pushing until we’ve conquered them. Our company’s success is yours too! When you win, everyone wins because, at VPM Solutions, winning looks like scaleable, profitable property management companies contracting with highly qualified team members earning a fair wage and being treated like family. 


We are Positive

We believe that positivity is not a state of mind; it is a state of existence.  We believe that adapting to an ever-changing environment is a natural side effect of creating a platform like ours. We look at every obstacle as an opportunity, and that mindset drives us to learn, grow, and provide best-in-class tools and experiences for every client we serve. 


We Expect the Best

Prepare for an incredible experience! We are here to forge a new path. To sustain the journey, we ensure our users encounter a level of customer service that surpasses their wildest expectations. We provide ease of use, intuitive tools, and world-class options for your unique needs and goals. We're here to help you grow, scale, and serve customers better than ever. 

Meet the VPM Solutions Team

Our team at VPM Solutions is made up of some of the most experienced names in the property management world. We have assembled a team of experts from all corners of the industry to offer the best solutions for property management companies, work-from-home property managers, and assistants. Plus, we are always looking to partner with new and innovative professionals who challenge us to grow better together! 

Pete Neubig

CEO | Co-Founder

Ross Gilbert


Heather Park


Michael Park


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