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Multifamily property management companies need quality team members (without high payroll costs). We have the talent you need to see lower costs and higher profits!

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How can multifamily property managers use virtual assistants?

We started as property managers, so we know the value that the right virtual assistants bring to a property management company for apartment buildings and multifamily properties. In fact, we built VPM Solutions specifically to help the property management industry connect with skilled talent for every day tasks while reducing payroll costs and increasing productivity. 

However, VPM Solutions is more than a VA job “hub.” When using our platform, our proprietary TalentMatch search technology will spotlight the best virtual contractors for your job roles based on their skills—making it easier for you to find talent that’s a great match. 

The VPM platform gives you complete control over finding, managing, and paying the perfect virtual team member as an independent contractor.

Create a Job Description

Virtual property management assistants can help your multifamily property management business by taking on routine or low-level tasks that keep you from doing the things you need to do to grow your business. Create a job description for a leasing specialist, marketing assistant, maintenance coordinator, or other roles that help you serve your building or condo owners and tenants well. 


Interview Candidates

Through your Free Company Profile, you have access to every VA on the VPM Solutions platform. Search through candidates or let our TalentMatch algorithm deliver the best matches to your inbox. Then, interview the best VAs for the role. You might be surprised at how many roles within your company can become virtual multifamily property management jobs!


Add a VA to Your Team

After conducting interviews and a background check, send a job offer to the virtual assistant you want to add to your team. VPM Solutions makes it easy to hire, pay, and manage VAs through our platform—and we never charge any fees to multifamily property management companies. All VAs are virtual contractors, and we handle all payments for you. 

Whether you need help listing apartments, scheduling showings, or coordinating maintenance tasks, VPM Solutions can help!

Our virtual assistants are uniquely qualified to work with companies in the multifamily property management industry.
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Who can virtual assistants work with?

Virtual assistants are ideal for businesses within the MF property management industry!


No, Really . . . Who Can Use Property Management Virtual Assistants

  • Multifamily Rental Managers
  • Condo Unit or Building Managers

Multifamily Rental Managers

Multifamily Rental Managers

Your overworked team can’t deliver the service that owners and tenants need to serve them well. Yet many multifamily property management companies don’t experience profitability until employees have more work than they can handle.

Stressing your team beyond what they can reasonably do is bad for business. However, bringing on virtual assistants can reduce workloads, reduce stress, and improve productivity! The right VAs handle the excess tasks that keep your in-house team from working comfortably and serving clients well.

When choosing virtual assistants, you get skilled team members who typically work at lower pay rates—and, as contractors, they don’t require additional employee benefits.

Learn more about VAs and job roles for multifamily rental management!


Condo Unit or Building Managers

Condo Unit or Building Managers

Condo rental owners or building managers can benefit from a virtual team member to track bookings, communicate with guests, schedule cleaning or maintenance vendors between guest stays, and follow up with owners and guests to keep condo buildings and units in excellent condition.

Learn more about how VAs help condominium building managers!


VPM Solutions helps multifamily property management companies:


Find quality


Lower payroll


Improve productivity
and profits

When multifamily property management companies add virtual team members to their workforces, they reduce payroll costs and improve their bottom lines! Often, property managers can hire more than one VA for the same cost as one W-2 employee.


What does a virtual property management assistant do?

Almost anything that doesn’t require being at a property!

Sure, you probably could hire a W-2 employee to schedule showings, list properties, communicate with tenants, handle bookkeeping, and coordinate maintenance services—but you’ll pay higher wages and employee benefits—and likely have to provide office space and equipment for them to do their job. 

When hiring a property management virtual assistant as a contractor, you get a skilled team member at a lower pay rate—and they provide their own equipment! You also don’t provide traditional employee benefits for virtual contractors.

VAs are excellent resources for processing leases, creating and posting listings, coordinating showings and schedules, screening renters, and much more! They can handle almost any task that doesn’t require them to visit properties or hold a real estate license. 

Lower your payroll budget and improve your business with a virtual assistant for your multifamily property management business!

Sounds great!

How do I get started with a virtual assistant for my multifamily property management company?

It’s easy to get started (and it’s free)! Simply create your Free Company Profile, post a job description, review candidates, and make an offer to the best virtual assistant for the role. 

With VPM Solutions, you can set up your profile, post a job, and hire a virtual contractor within hours—not days or weeks!

  • Quality Matches
  • Hire Only the Best
  • Easy Payments
  • White Glove Service

Easily Identify Quality Matches


Easily Identify Quality Matches

The VPM platform is where you’ll find the top virtual team members with a broad spectrum of skills. From accounting and administrative duties to coordinating between buyers, sellers, and tenants, you can connect with virtual team members who will work seamlessly with your business as independent contractors.

  • Start by posting a job. Include details about the available position and the specific skills required.
  • Once posted, your job will be advertised to qualified virtual assistants who can apply through our platform.
  • Using our TalentMatch advanced data science, our proprietary search technology will spotlight the best team members based on their skills—making it easier for you to find talent that’s a great match.

Hire Only the Best


Hire Only the Best

The VPM platform gives you full control over finding the perfect virtual team member as an independent contractor.

Browse profiles:
View the profile of each potential candidate, including their skills, work history, education, and more. 

Review proposals:
You can take into account qualifications, timeline, cost, and other considerations to evaluate each bid a candidate sends you. 

Message applicants:
Enjoy open communications with potential team members to ask questions, brainstorm, and determine who is the best fit.

Make Easy Payments With Peace of Mind


Make Easy Payments With Peace of Mind

Multifamily real estate business owners approve all work prior to payment through our easy payment processing.

Simple payments worldwide:
Use our platform to easily deliver payments to remote team members across the globe. 

Secure payment protection:
With VPM, you only pay for the work you approve. 

Detailed invoicing and reporting:
Your full transaction history and invoices are always easy to access.

White Glove Service


White Glove Service

We know you’re busy and ready to find a real estate virtual assistant right away. 
Our White Glove Service walks you through the process, from setting up your profile to helping you find the right candidates and ultimately hiring the VAs you need. 

Let VPM Solutions remove the hassle of finding the talent you need with our FREE White Glove Service. 

With this one-on-one service, we help real estate business owners:

  • Post a job listing  
  • Review your interview questions
  • Hire your new VA

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