What Questions Should You Ask When Interviewing a Virtual Assistant?

Updated March 17, 2022

Hiring the right team is paramount to any organization's success, especially a small business like a property management company. Imagine if you have ten people working for you, and two of them are below average—that means 20% of your workforce performs below average and will significantly negatively impact your business! 

One of the best ways to hire the right team members for your organization is to have a good arsenal of interview questions. When conducting interviews with potential virtual property management assistants, here's what employers should keep in mind.

What's the Goal Of a Great Virtual Assistant Interview?

Hiring a virtual team member is not much different than hiring someone who will work out of your office. Hiring a team member—whether it's a contract position and a remote assistant job or an onsite role—is hiring a team member! It's critical to make sure every team member is the right fit for the job and your company.

Every good hire includes an excellent hiring and interview process. When you've selected the best candidates to fit the job you've posted on the VPM Solutions platform, your next step is to set up video interviews and learn more about each candidate.

The goal of any interview is to use it as a tool to learn more about what you like about a potential VA, keep an eye out for red flags, and help them get to know you and your company a bit better, too.

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Use an Interview to Get Through a Few Details

Since virtual assistants won't work in your office or use equipment that you would provide for an employee, it's critical to learn about a few important technical details early in the interview. Ask a potential real estate assistant about their office setup, including their computer's capabilities, additional equipment they might need for the job, and test their internet speed.

No matter how good a fit a person is for your organization or the role, if they don't have a stable internet connection or a computer that can handle the software requirements and their assigned tasks from their remote location, they will not be able to perform the job role successfully.

Look for Potential

When hiring a remote property management assistant that lives and works in a different country, you're most likely hiring someone without property management experience for rental properties in the United States. However, that doesn't mean you should discount an excellent potential VA based on a lack of U.S.-based property management services experience.

Instead, hire on your core values and look for VAs with the potential to learn quickly and grow in their roles. This helps ensure you get the right person on the bus! You can always train the right person and give them key performance indicators, so they know if they are doing a good job.

What Are the Best Questions to Include for a Productive Interview?

So, what should you ask a candidate during a video interview? Our team has pulled together a list of excellent questions to consider, depending on the role you need to fill—whether it's an administrative assistant, maintenance coordinator, or marketing professional.


  • What kind of people do you find it difficult to work with? Why?

  • What type of people do you find it easiest to work with? Why?

  • What did you like most/least about your last job?

  • What motivates you? Why?

  • How do you stay organized?

  • If you were to get this position, what does success look like to you in the next 90 days? Six months? One Year?

  • What are some of the problems you encountered in your last job? How did you resolve them?

  • Of all the jobs you have had, which did you find the most/least rewarding? Why?

  • What is the most frustrating situation you have encountered in your career to date?

  • If I were to ask your supervisor to describe your work, what do you think they would say?

  • What does the prospect of this job offer you that your last job did not?

  • What are the areas in which you require improvement? How would you go about making these improvements?

  • Please give some examples of decisions you have made on the job. What were the ramifications of these decisions?

  • Why are you applying for a position with our company?

  • What can you offer our organization?

  • How does this job opening fit in with your career objectives?

  • What would make you resign from a position with this company?

  • Do you have any questions about this position? Our company?

Note that it's not crucial to include every one of these questions in every interview with a potential property management virtual assistant. Use these questions as a guide by adapting them to your company's needs and goals when it's time to hire a virtual assistant!

Let VPM Solutions Help You Find Excellent Virtual Assistants to Interview

Scheduling interviews to fill a job role can't take place until you find enough talented remote assistants to fit the role and your company. VPM Solutions makes it easier and more cost-effective to find skilled virtual assistants while reducing payroll costs and improving profits for property managers. Signing up for a Free Company Profile is easy! We also have some excellent free tools to help you post a job, find ideal VAs, then conduct an effective interview and hiring process. Reach out soon to learn more!

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