Do I Provide My Virtual Assistant With the Tech They Need?

One of the many questions we hear from property managers is about the equipment a virtual assistant needs to do their job. Do companies need to provide a VA with the technology or equipment they need for success?

If this question has kept you from adding a property management virtual assistant to your workforce, we think you'll like the answers we have for you today! So keep reading to learn more about how remote assistants are ready to work when you're ready to hire them.

Does My Virtual Assistant Need a Computer?

The answer to this question is yes! Virtual assistants need a computer and other technical equipment to do their jobs, no matter where they live or conduct their work. With the right property management system, companies can hire a VA that lives in Mexico, the Phillippines, or other areas around the world. They'll need a computer, phone, internet access, a webcam, and specific software to do the jobs you need them to do. 

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Do I Have to Provide My Virtual Assistant With a Computer?

This answer to this question is no! One of the best aspects of hiring virtual team members is that they provide their own equipment to complete assignments and tasks. From a computer to a phone, printer, webcam, internet access, and more, your VA must make sure they have those resources available to deliver the work you need from them. That means that by hiring remote real estate assistants, businesses reduce overhead costs like paying for computers, monitors, and more. 

Most property managers hire virtual assistants from one of the many remote job sites available. Many of these virtual assistants work from home offices, which means they have access to their own phones and computers. They may not be using a top-of-the-line model, but it gets the job done. During the hiring process, it's always a good idea to ask a potential VA about their equipment and internet speeds to make sure the items they use are up to the tasks of completing assignments on time. 

Should I Purchase Any Equipment for My Property Management Virtual Assistants? 

The answer to that question is up to you! In some cases, an extra desktop monitor or a better-quality webcam can help your best virtual assistants deliver the work you need faster. While it's not required to upgrade any of your VA's equipment, a new webcam or additional monitor can be a small overhead expense that helps build a long-term relationship with a quality remote assistant. 

However, if your VA often asks for new equipment, they might not be the right fit for your business. Virtual assistants understand that they must have the equipment and experience necessary to complete tasks and partner with property management companies for long-term success. A VA should never need you to provide any equipment to complete a task that can be done with the set-up you agreed to when interviewing candidates for the job or assignment. 

What Does Less Equipment Mean for My Bottom Line?

When property management companies don't have to supply computers, phones, internet access, desks, chairs, or office space to build a workforce, they see significant decreases in overhead costs. Lower costs and better-quality work from reliable virtual assistants mean a better bottom line!

Hiring VAs is one of the best ways to reduce costs and improve profitability. Not only do you not have to keep equipment on hand to help your virtual assistant get to work, but with the best virtual assistants, you also get experienced workers that deliver quality work to grow your business. In addition, not needing to supply equipment is a significant financial benefit of hiring a remote workforce!

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How to Make Sure Your VA Has What They Need

So, if you're not providing standard-issue equipment that your in-house team uses, how can you make sure your VA has what they need to do their job well? 

During the interview process, a property manager should confirm that a potential virtual contractor has:

  • A computer with enough speed or capacity to work within your software systems, as-needed

  • Internet access with minimum speed requirements to avoid delays during video meetings or when transferring files and answering emails

  • A webcam and phone connection, if they'll need to return or make phone calls

  • Understands how to keep sensitive information secure while working in their remote location

In addition to having the equipment they need to do the job well, virtual assistants are also responsible for maintaining their resourcesanother cost savings for businesses! For example, if a VA's computer breaks, they'll take care of getting it fixed or replaced so that they can continue delivering the work you need from them. 

Reduce Overhead Costs With a Virtual Property Management Assistant!

Not providing equipment for remote workers is just one of the ways property managers can save overhead costs when building a virtual workforce. If you were concerned that you would have to ship a computer to an independent contractor overseas, we hope these insights help you understand that a virtual assistant is already ready to get to work for you with the equipment they need for the job! 

Learn more about how hiring virtual assistants can help improve profitability when downloading a copy of our free case study, "From Chaos to Clarity: A Virtual Assistant Impact Case Study."

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