4 Things to Know for Success With Virtual Assistant Jobs in Mexico

Updated March 8, 2022

As more businesses continue to rely on online and virtual operations, there is an increasing demand for virtual assistants to help keep things running smoothly. Have you considered a virtual career? 

Virtual assistant jobs in Mexico and other locations around the world allow you to do the work you enjoy while getting rid of that long, awful commute. Virtual contractor positions also offer flexibility and tremendous opportunity if you prefer a lifestyle that isn't tied to a desk for eight (or more) hours a day. However, being an in-demand virtual assistant in the property management industry requires the right insights for success! Here are five things to know for a successful career with virtual assistant jobs in Mexico (or anywhere you prefer to work)!


1. Specialize In a Single Area of Service

What do you do really well? Finding your niche can make it easier to connect with new clients when you're highly skilled in a specific areasuch as property management. By becoming an expert in one area or industry, you are more marketable to companies that need those skills. 

Right now, virtual assistant jobs in Mexico and elsewhere are plentiful! VAs can be valuable resources in a variety of industries, and property management is no exception. With specialized skills, you're able to find clients and roles outside of your market area. If property management opportunities are scarce in your hometown, or you like to take your work on the road, being a property management virtual assistant gives you the flexibility to work from Mexico or with property managers anywhere! 

While there is still a market for general, administrative, or “jack-of-all-trades” virtual assistants, specialization can make you more sought-after and become more lucrative for you as you build your VA career. Look for online training opportunities to develop your property management skills and stay current on the latest trends and technologies. Partner with a job hub like Virtual PM Solutions to access ongoing training opportunities specific to the property management industry! 

Courses and certifications will help you compete in this growing industry—but if you don't yet have the credentials you want, don't let that stop you from starting your independent contractor career.

2. Utilize a Platform That Connects You With the Right Clients

As a property management VA, you need access to the best available virtual assistant jobs! Since physical borders no longer restrict where you can work, you're limited only by where you make yourself available to property management business owners around the world. 

Luckily, platforms like VPM Solutions make it much easier to find clients than looking on your own. With our network of property management company owners and an easy-to-use platform, it's the best resource to connect property management VAs to available work that meets their skills, pay rates, and schedules. 

3. Be An Excellent Communicator

Communication is critical for success as a VA! If you only do two things to increase your likelihood of getting hired, make sure one is improving your writing skills—and the other is making sure you don't make potential clients wait for a response before they even hire you. They won't be impressed with your ability to follow through! Since many virtual contractor tasks center on communication through CRMS, email, text, phone, and video conferences, it's critical to become a master communicator through various methods to keep in touch. 

Making sure you have excellent communication skills is one way to jumpstart your career. In addition to property management industry knowledge, make sure you are proficient in:

  • Email management

  • Scheduling

  • Word processing

  • Data entry

  • Administrative support

  • Calendar management, including setting up appointments 

  • Video meetings

As a VA, you might also benefit from video editing skills to create how-to videos that work well on social media and other platforms to help property managers build helpful content. 

Man with laptop on colorful beach of island

Don't Skip Technology

Don't be afraid of technology! Many property managers rely on CRMs, property management software, and other digital tools to make it possible for remote workers to be part of their team. Often, communication takes place through project management software rather than phone calls or texts. 

Technology also helps property managers become more efficient and manage tenants well. Hone your skills with common property management software to make yourself more in-demand as a VA. 

4. Equip Yourself With the Right Setup

Preparing a home office space and equipping yourself with the necessary tech for success will ensure that you're ready to go when you land a client. Remember: most property managers who contract with VAs don't provide laptops, webcams, printers, high-speed internet access, or other office supplies. 

Since you’ll be working from a home office, you need to ensure your office space is ideal for the tasks you will need to accomplish. Make sure your home office sets you up to be effective in your role as a virtual assistant. You don't need a fully dedicated office space, but choose a quiet environment where you can work and easily connect with colleagues and clients.

Find Virtual Assistant Jobs in Mexico (and Beyond)

Ready to get to work? Apply these four tips for success, and partner with Virtual PM Solutions to find property management VA jobs that work for you! We connect with some of the best property management companies around the world to deliver virtual assistant jobs in Mexico and the U.S. to highly skilled talent.

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