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    What to Look For In a Virtual Assistant for Property Management

    Published April 13, 2021. Updated July 12, 2023. 

    virtual assistant can fulfill essential administrative tasks, data entry, marketing, and sales roles for a property manager. These include digital marketing, administrative assistance, and transaction coordination.

    So, when you choose a virtual assistant for property management, you have an experienced professional to take low-level, repetitive tasks off your plate so you can focus on the more important job of growing your business.

    One of the most important aspects of choosing a virtual assistant is finding the right one! Here are some things that you should look for when considering a VA.

    Answering multiple calls at the same time, virtual assistant for property management concept.


    Achieving the right work-life balance and shifting your priorities to business-building activities requires a reliable workforce! With a trusted VA in place, you can find time for the things that matter most in your work and personal life.

    A property management virtual assistant should be a dependable and hardworking team member who is there to help streamline processes and balance workloads. When choosing a remote team member, use a property management VA job search website to find qualified talent that will be available when you need them and deliver quality work.

    An Understanding of Property Management 

    When you start looking to contract with a virtual assistant, you'll find many outsourcing companies trying to snag your business. Adding a VA to your team shouldn't be any different from hiring someone locally — but you'll have a broader pool of talent from skilled professionals around the world! 

    A general outsourcing company can waste your time and lead to frustration when you can't easily find VAs with experience in the property management industry. Opting for a VA job hub specializing in delivering talent with an understanding of property management helps business owners quickly find the skilled independent contractors they need. 

    Available When You Need Them

    Your VA might not live or work in your time zone. However, they should be available when you need them!

    If the help you need is during your business hours, find a virtual assistant who can work during your office hours. However, if you need someone to cover your phones on weekends or during off-hours (in the evening or early morning) to give you more resources for responding to incoming requests, that should also be an option.

    The best VA workforce outsourcing solution can deliver virtual talent to work inside or outside your normal working hours, depending on your needs.

    Capable of Ramping Up Quickly 

    A property management VA should be proficient in the most commonly used office software programs and property management software. They should also have enough property management experience to ramp up quickly after your onboarding process to integrate them into your team and operations. 

    The right virtual workforce solution offers talent that can quickly add productive hours to balance workloads and boost your company's efficiency and customer care. During the conversation and evaluation process with your top candidates for a role, talk with potential virtual assistants about their technical skills and familiarity with the project management systems you use, and make sure they have the background you need to ramp up quickly.

    Able to Work Independently  

    While you'll need to manage a VA like any other member of your team, the best virtual assistants are motivated individuals that work well independently. Once they have an understanding of their role and the tasks on their plate, they'll lighten your workload by handling time-consuming tasks that tie up your valuable time. Even delegating some of this work to a VA for just a few hours a month can free up time to grow your business

    Establishing procedures and guidelines can take a bit of time upfront, but once you do, a property management virtual assistant will save time (and money) for you and your business when taking on the tasks that bog you down. 

    Has Verifiable Training 

    Your property management VA should know the ins and outs of the property management industry, marketing, and tenant and owner management. Settling for a general assistant who doesn't have the kind of experience and qualifications you're looking for can lead to a time-consuming (and expensive) process to train them and get them up to speed.

    The right property management VA job platform has a pool of well-trained industry professionals waiting to become your next virtual assistant! As you review potential contractors to work with as virtual assistants, look for candidates with the training and certifications you need to fill the role effectively.

    An excellent job hub also provides ongoing training opportunities to keep the field of available VAs well-trained and up-to-date on the latest industry best practices. 

    The VPM Academy Trains Your Remote Team Members

    If you're wondering if there is a workforce outsourcing platform that can deliver the talent we described in this blog and provides property management industry training to virtual assistants, there is!

    The VPM Academy through the VPM Solutions platform offers free courses and certifications to all virtual contractors with a profile on our platform. That means you have a skilled pool of virtual talent to choose from for roles, including maintenance coordinator, marketing assistant, leasing coordinator, bookkeeper, social media manager, and more.

    We make searching for VAs based on VPM Academy certifications and training easy to ensure your remote team has the experience you need to ramp up quickly!

    A smiling woman works at a computer, property management virtual assistant concept.

    Look For the Best When You Choose a Property Management Virtual Assistant!

    If you've found yourself at a breaking point where you need to hire someone to scale and grow your business — while still maintaining quality and consistency and keeping your sanity — it's time to choose a virtual assistant for property management!

    The right VA lightens your workload without having the same financial burdens that can come with hiring a full-time W-2 employee. Using a property management VA workforce outsourcing platform like VPM Solutions can help you find a qualified virtual assistant right away!

    So, if you're ready to find the best VA, get started today with a Free Company Profile.