What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Assistant?

Updated May 09, 2022.

What should you know about virtual assistants? You probably hear about them, but maybe you aren't sure if a VA can work for your property management business. 

Try this: if you answer "yes" to any of the questions below, it's time to find a property management virtual assistant!

  • Are you feeling overwhelmed with too much to do (and not enough hands to do it all)? 
  • Is your property management team suffering from overload (and working more hours than normal humans should be able to work)?
  • Are you losing clients (and renters) because your team can't give them enough attention? 
  • Are you ready to grow (but don't have the staff to scale up)?

Drawing business growth

There are many benefits of a virtual assistant, and solving the problems we mentioned above are just a few of them! It's time to stop thinking about contracting a property management VA and experience the benefits we'll cover here today.

Pay Less For More (Quality) Work

A property manager needs more hands to do the work and administrative tasks, but you don't have the overhead budget to hire a full-time employee. Virtual assistants have plenty of hands to help you get the work done—and they can join your team as independent contractors without the added costs of a full-time staff member and everything required to finance an in-house position

Many virtual assistants work full-time and earn a full-time salary. However, property management business owners don't have to cover employee benefits for these contractors, like:

  • Healthcare

  • A 401k

  • Office equipment or space

  • Paid time off

  • Employer taxes

When you partner with the right property management talent hub, you pay for the work done by your virtual assistant—and none of the extras involved with hiring an employee. Virtual assistants manage their insurance, taxes, and equipment! When you contract with a virtual assistant, you add "real" team members that get more work done for you and your clients while reducing labor costs

Increase Team Productivity 

Balancing the workloads for your team members helps everyone work more efficiently and effectively. Overloaded employees become exhausted and ineffective, and client service suffers.

When your team works at their optimal levels, clients and renters stay happy, and your property management business runs efficiently! However, when your staff stays bogged down in work that a remote assistant can handle, they can't deliver the best customer service to maintain (or grow) your business. Property managers that add a virtual assistant to their workforces to handle tasks that can free other employees to focus more on clients and growth experience better productivity from everyone!

Get the Skills You Need

Not every virtual assistant is equipped to work in the property management industry. However, when business owners partner with the right job hub, they can access talent with property management skills and training.

Many routine tasks are ideal for outsourcing to a virtual contractor who understands the property management industry, lease renewals, scheduling showings and maintenance, and rental property marketing. Choose a property management job hub that also delivers training for their pool of talented VAs! When you're ready to hire a virtual assistant, you'll find the perfect candidate with the skills you need to ramp up quickly and boost your company's productivity. 

Growth Is At Hand

They won't work in your office, but your virtual assistant helps set you up for growth! The additional staffing you need to add more doors can be a virtual resource that is an extension of your brand and fits nicely into your company culture. 

Adding virtual capacity is a smart and cost-effective way to make sure your current clients have the care they need while expanding your business. If you struggle to find local help that is the right fit for your business, a virtual property management job hub can be the best resource to build the staffing you need when growth is at hand.

Businesswoman making video call to business partner using laptop

They're Flexible

A virtual property management assistant can live anywhere in the country! Many VAs work various hours and schedules to serve clients in different time zones, depending on each client's availability needs. 

When choosing a VA, flexibility can be a significant benefit to being available after your regular business hours or for specific tasks that don't require specific office hours. Work gets done regardless of the location of your virtual assistant or the times of day they work! 

Don't Pass Up The Benefits of a Virtual Assistant!

Property management companies can't afford to pass up the many benefits of a virtual assistant. Outsourcing work to virtual assistants is becoming a common way to maximize budgets while benefitting from skilled talent and having additional hands on deck—even if you never see those hands in person. 

When you're ready to find a virtual assistant, use a property management job hub to find the talent ideally suited for your company and tasks! Let VPM Solutions connect you to the VAs that can help you grow and serve more clients well. Start with a free company profile!

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