How Does VPM Solutions Stand Out When Hiring a Virtual Assistant?

What makes VPM Solutions stand out from other virtual assistant hiring options? With an increasing need for the best talent in the property management industry or real estate arena, companies can't afford to overpay for workforce solutions that don't deliver high-quality talent or improve profitability. 

While there are plenty of options for hiring a virtual assistant, you won't find any that offer what our platform does! Not every virtual assistant (or hiring platform) is created equal. Here's are six reasons why VPM Solutions offers better VA solutions for property managers and real estate professionals!

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1. We Are Only for Property Managers and Real Estate Agents

Not only do you get high-quality virtual assistants at a fraction of the cost compared to hiring an in-person or W-2 employee, but you also gain access to a pool of available talent that is only for the real estate industry and property management.

No other platforms specialize in recruiting the best talent with experience in the rental management and real estate industries. It's the only thing we do! So, whether you need a bookkeeper or a maintenance coordinator for real estate or property management companies, starting your recruiting efforts with the only platform specializing in your industry means you spend less time and money finding the skilled VAs you need!

2. No Cost to Companies

We don't charge any company feesever. That means that while you might pay a finders fee or platform access fee to use other virtual assistant hiring options, you won't ever pay those fees with VPM Solutions.

That means posting a job, searching available candidates, reviewing resumes, interviewing top candidates, hiring a property management virtual assistant, and paying them through VPM Solutions happens without any company fees! You can focus on what you do bestrunning your property management businesswhile we handle finding the best industry-related talent and delivering them to you!

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3. Free Training Courses and Certifications for Virtual Assistants

We offer free industry-specific ongoing training courses to our real estate virtual assistants, so they can help you grow your business and continually deliver meaningful work for your company. When we say we deliver the best talent in these industries, we stand by that by making certifications and virtual assistant training courses available to our VAs at no charge to them or companies. 

That means you don't have to spend additional overhead budget training a virtual contractor hired through VPM Solutions! 

4. Use Our Step-by-Step Guide for Hiring Remote Talent

Whether you're a property manager hiring your first remote assistant or your next one, VPM Solutions makes it easy with our step-by-step hiring guide and video tutorials. We help businesses understand the many benefits of choosing virtual talent. Still, if you've never worked with virtual hiring platforms or talent before, it can take some guidance to navigate the system and learn how to hire pay your property management VA. 

We want to make your experience with virtual assistants and VPM Solutions as simple as possible, so we provide help along the way! 

5. We Make it Easy to Create and Post Jobs

If you need help building a job description to find your ideal VA, start with the job description templates we provide on our website! Finding the best property management virtual assistant starts with an effective job posting that includes the right details, a competitive pay rate, clear qualifications, and more. 

Our hiring platform allows property managers to build their job descriptions quickly, then post them for VA applicants (again, for free)! We also offer a step-by-step job posting guide (including video tutorials) to reduce the time companies spend setting up a job template and pushing it live. Delivering qualified candidates to you through our system faster helps you hire the talent you need and put them to work quickly!

6. Make Money As An Affiliate

With VPM Solutions, companies can get paid, too! By using your affiliate link and sharing it with other real estate or property management company businesses, you get paid when other business owners hire virtual assistants through our platform. 

VPM Solutions helps your bottom line by delivering the best real estate industry independent contractors at hiring costs far below U.S. W-2 employee pay rates, with no fees for companies, and we'll pay you when others hire a VA because you shared our platform! 

Get Started With VPM Solutions and a Property Management Virtual Assistant Today! 

There are many reasons why VPM Solutions stands out from other platforms for hiring virtual assistants, and we've covered six of them today. When you're ready to scale your business, increase productivity, lower payroll costs, and improve your profitability, we have thousands of qualified virtual contractors ready to help!

It's easy to get started. Start by creating a Free Company Profile. Explore our available job description templates, review our hiring guides, and browse available virtual assistants that could be a good match for the role you need to fill. We also offer our TalentMatch algorithm that scours our talent pool and delivers high-quality candidates directly to you! 

Get more free tools to hire your first VA! Download our free Real Estate Virtual Assistant Hiring Kit.

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