How to Hire a Property Management Virtual
Assistant (Successfully)!

If it’s time to scale your real estate business or property management services, what are your options to increase staffing? Traditionally, company owners post jobs on recruiting websites or hire a recruiter to find local talent—but what happens when you don’t find the right candidates in your market? Sometimes adding a full-time onsite employee to support business growth leaves you without the skilled talent you need. Hiring full-time employees can also have a significant impact on your payroll budget. 

There is another way! Property management virtual assistants are an ideal solution for business owners needing to deliver better customer service to existing clients or when trying to add more doors. However, we understand that not everyone understands the value of a VA or the positive impact one can have on real estate businesses. 

VPM Solutions delivers quality virtual assistants to property managers and real estate professionals, and we’re here to help you see what you could be missing without exploring this critical talent pool when expanding your workforce!

What’s the “Real” Scoop on Virtual Assistants?

What’s the Real Scoop on Virtual Assistants

First, let’s dispel some myths about what could happen if you hire a virtual assistant. It can be challenging to think about expanding your team to someone who doesn’t work in your office (or even within the U.S.)! However, with thousands of skilled property management VAs out there waiting to go to work for you, it can help to get past some “hang-ups” regarding virtual team members.

We assure you that VAs are “real” hardworking, talented individuals.

Even though they don’t often work or live in your market, they work on your schedule and based on your timezone to deliver “real” work that enhances your property management business. Additionally, with a talent pool that exists outside of the limitations of people living in your locale, company owners have opportunities to find better talent with a ready-to-work experience to boost customer service right away. 

Hiring a virtual assistant could mean finding the ideal person that is the perfect fit for a role you’ve needed to fill for some time!

What Can Hiring a Virtual Assistant Do for Property Managers?

What Can Hiring a Virtual Assistant Do for Property Managers

So, if a VA doesn’t live or work anywhere close to your market and the clients you serve, how can they truly be an effective addition to your workforce? We get it. Managing rentals or helping buyers and sellers buy and sell homes requires local employees for your business to succeed. However, many property managers and real estate professionals are surprised when they discover how a remote worker contributes meaningful work to a locally-focused business. 

Many aspects of your property management business don’t require someone to physically be in your office to complete tasks. While some property management tasks do require onsite employees or vendors—like property maintenance—a VA can handle many tasks remotely to give onsite team members more time to delight customers and handle business-building tasks!

The right property management virtual assistant can:

  • Respond to tenant requests
  • Handle leasing documents
  • Respond to maintenance requests and schedule repairs
  • Review applications and conduct tenant screenings
  • Maintain team calendars
  • Administrative tasks
  • Respond to emails and calls
  • List rental properties 
  • Schedule showings for real estate agents and property managers
  • Serve as a personal assistant
  • And more!

Choosing virtual assistants to scale your team means hiring productive remote workers that enhance productivity and efficiency to do more for your clients and grow your business.

What Are the Benefits of a VA (vs. a “Real” Employee)?

What Are the Benefits of a VA (vs. a “Real” Employee)

It’s true: a “real” onsite employee can do all of those same things for your company. So, what’s the benefit of choosing virtual assistants instead of in-house team members? 

Don’t get us wrong—your onsite team is extremely valuable to your business, as well! Successful property management companies and real estate businesses benefit from the right mix of in-house employees and virtual assistants.

Adding VAs to your workforce means you can benefit from:

  • Paying less for more work (without sacrificing quality). Most virtual assistants are less expensive to hire than bringing on a full-time employee. Some research shows that company owners can hire up to four VAs for the cost of one employee in the U.S.!
  • Finding the skills you need. At some point, your local market will run out of ideal candidates to fill critical roles within your business. When connecting to a virtual pool of talent, your search area expands and brings more talented candidates to your attention. 
  • Increased productivity and better employee retention. More hands on deck can do more work! However, as the workload increases for each employee, inefficiencies can creep in. Overworked team members eventually reach the capacity that taking on my tasks or serving more clients (without help) leads to a lack of productivity and burned-out employees. However, happy employees stay and do good work consistently!
  • Lower costs and better revenue. Hiring the right VAs at a lower salary point is an excellent way to reduce payroll costs while increasing profits!

When client service suffers, the bottom line for your property management company suffers, too. So supporting your best team members with additional virtual support is a smart way to grow your business and keep your best employees (and clients) happy!

How Can Property Managers Know When They Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

How Can Property Managers Know When They Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

We hope you’re seeing the potential for hiring a property management virtual assistant! So, when is the right time to hire one? Property Managers can watch for a few signs that hiring a VA soon is a smart idea.

These signs include:

  • Being unable to remember when you last took a vacation
  • Employees that are desperate for some time off (but their workload doesn’t allow them to truly take a break away from work)
  • Your current workforce lacks critical skills or experience that can take your business to the next level
  • You have big plans for growth, but you struggle to find local talent to scale your business effectively

Operating in daily chaos, dealing with missed deadlines or tasks, and seeing exhausted employees and unhappy property owners or renters can also indicate that it’s time for a different hiring solution to support your real estate business. Starting your search using a virtual assistant hiring platform can save time and money while bringing relief to your team and clients sooner (rather than later).

But . . . Does a VA Really Save Me Money?

But Does a VA Really Save Me Money

We mentioned that hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to reduce payroll costs—and yes, it’s true! Not only do most VAs work in countries with lower pay scales compared to the United States, but business owners also save on other payroll and overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

As an important note, while out-of-country virtual assistants often require lower compensation ranges to support their costs of living, it’s critical to offer competitive salaries

(based on their local pay ranges) to attract and keep the best virtual assistants with property management or real estate experience. Being a virtual assistant is a competitive industry! However, business owners will find that most VAs work hard and more than earn their salaries while contributing valuable work and experience to their clients. 

When choosing a virtual assistant vs. an in-house employee, business owners and hiring managers avoid costs like:

  • Benefits packages
  • Office equipment
  • Office space
  • High salaries 
  • Paying for work they don’t need (or isn’t up to their excellent standards)

Business owners don’t need to provide a virtual assistant with office space, a desk or chair, a computer, or other office equipment. VAs are already equipped with the tools they need to deliver excellent work! 

Property managers and real estate professionals can also experience savings by using a virtual assistant job recruiting platform vs. hiring a recruiting agency. With the right platform, business owners avoid finders fees and the time it takes a recruiter to find eligible candidates that might be a good fit for a role.

Success Is a Team Effort

Success Is a Team Effort

Finding the right virtual assistants to fill a role and join your team is only part of what business owners must keep in mind when finding success with VAs. As with hiring any new employee, success is a team effort that requires a well-planned onboarding process and training when your new property management virtual assistant is ready to get to work. 

To find an hire an excellent real estate virtual assistant:
  • Start with a hiring platform that specializes in VAs for property management and real estate industry work

  • Define the role you need to fill and the job requirements 

  • Review top candidates and set up interviews (by video)

  • Hire the best candidate for the job!

If you’ve struggled to find good virtual talent for your company, you might be searching in the wrong place. We understand the need for excellent virtual assistants that serve property managers, and that’s why we created VPM Solutions! It’s the only platform developed by property management and real estate professionals for these specific industries. 

When you find the ideal VA for your needs, take time to bring them onboard properly, integrate them with your in-house team, and set goals and expectations to monitor their performance. Managing your virtual assistant well helps ensure their (and your) success!

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