Don't Let These 3 Myths Stop You from Hiring a Property Management VA!

Updated September 30, 2022.

The whole idea of a virtual assistant can be scary as a business owner. You want to see your team members, talk with them, and know what they are doing every day. With a virtual assistant, are you even hiring a real individual? How can a "virtual" person provide "real" work?

Virtual assistants can add immense value and help grow your business! Today we'll bust some common myths that might be keeping you from the decision to hire a property management VA.

Myths Might Keep You From the Workforce  You Need

What are some common hang-ups folks have when it comes to virtual assistants? Can you rely on a virtual assistant? Is the assistant a person or some robot? Will they perform the same quality work a "real" W-2 employee on-site at your property will do? 

If any of these are concerns you've pondered when thinking about the right workforce solutions, we hope you'll think again! Virtual assistants are cost-effective and skilled solutions to finding the best people to build your team for growth. It's time to stop believing these myths and hire a property management VA as a contractor today.

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Myth 1Virtual Assistants Are Not Real People

VAs are not programs or Artificial Intelligence bots that can go haywire and ruin your business. "Virtual" assistants are real humans doing work remotely as contractors! If you've exhausted your local market for the talent you need to serve more doors (or improve your current property management operations), a quality virtual assistant job hub delivers experienced professionals with the skill sets to meet your needs. The "virtual" aspect means they can work for you from anywhere in the world!

It's easy to verify who you hire as a VA—even though you might never meet them in person. The right job hub can help you get to know the real person before you make the hire. Property managers have a chance to review profiles and choose good candidates with the right experience (just like looking through resumes). You get direct interaction with the individual during the interview process and throughout their tenure with you if you hire them as a VA. The platform allows you to do the interview process virtually. This process is an excellent way to start building a foundational relationship with your new VA from day one. 

Once you decide to hire a property management virtual assistant, you can delegate all necessary work through the platform to the real person who is your new VA! Ongoing direct interactions allow you to deliver assignments, review work done to date, and further integrate that virtual assistant into your team. 

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Myth 2Virtual Assistants Are Not Reliable

Can you count on a "virtual" team member to deliver work on time? If they don't even work in your time zone, how can you rely on them at all? While it might be hard to imagine that someone who works from home could be reliable, quality VAs could be some of the most dependable people on your workforce!  

Virtual assistants work hard to build their careers. These individuals understand that if they don't find good clients and deliver quality work, no one will hire them. A virtual assistant is someone you can rely on as they will be a self-starter. Someone with a career as a virtual contractor also understands the need to build relationships and deliver consistent, high-quality work. 

To find VAs you can rely on, use a property management job hub and hire someone with the qualifications you need. Using a platform to help you identify the top candidates, you can interview everyone necessary and determine your best fit. 

Myth 3—Virtual Assistants Are The Same as Employees

Virtual assistants can integrate well into your team. However, they are not W-2 employees—and they don't come with much of the overhead required to hire full-time, onsite employees.

Maybe you don't have the budget for a new full-time person, and that's okay! When you hire a property management VA as an independent contractor, you won't need to set them up with office equipment, a laptop, or high-speed internet! Your VA builds their office space and equipment as part of their business practice. 

Virtual assistants also do not have common W-2 employee perks like paid time off, health benefits, or savings plans. These individuals come ready to work and do so for rates well within your budget.

Myths Busted! Hire a Property Management VA Today

Did we alleviate some of your greatest concerns about what it means to hire a property management VA? Don't believe the myths! The right virtual assistant can become a valuable asset without busting your overhead budget. When you choose a platform specifically set up for the property management services industry, you get quality VAs with the experience you need for more business success.  Choose VPM Solutions to find your next team member! Start by setting up your company profile today.


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