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    What a Property Management Virtual Assistant Can Do as Your Maintenance Coordinator

    What a Property Management Virtual Assistant Can Do as Your Maintenance Coordinator

    View Resource Here
    View Resource Here
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    What a Property Management Virtual Assistant Can Do as Your Maintenance Coordinator

    Building a team that serves owners and tenants well while optimizing efficiency and your company budget can be challenging. However, a virtual solution for your workforce can accomplish all of those things!

    When thinking of the support properties need to keep them in excellent condition and respond to tenant requests, a virtual maintenance assistant can be the ideal role. Property management companies can also reduce payroll costs when choosing virtual workforce solutions

    So, keep reading to learn what a property management virtual assistant can do for you as a maintenance coordinator.

    Property Management Maintenance Coordinator Job Description & Quickstart Task List

    What Is a Maintenance Coordinator?

    marks and checks documents online via laptop Concept

    To understand how a virtual assistant can be your maintenance coordinator, let's first define the concept: what is a maintenance coordinator?

    A maintenance coordinator oversees the maintenance and repair needs of a residential or commercial property.

    Their responsibilities include conducting routine inspections, coordinating repairs with service providers, and ensuring the property remains in good condition.

    Now, imagine these tasks handled by a virtual assistant — a remote worker who manages tasks digitally. Choosing a property management virtual assistant as your maintenance coordinator, they leverage digital tools and technologies to schedule, coordinate, and oversee maintenance activities. While they can't physically conduct maintenance or repairs on a property (since they work remotely), they can be the ideal resource for coordinating repairs and maintenance for all properties under your management.

    Whether it's about scheduling routine inspections, contacting service providers, or handling emergency repair situations, your virtual assistant can take care of everything remotely.

    What Are the Benefits of a Virtual Assistant for Maintenance Coordination?

    Increase productivity concept

    A successful property management company must ensure regular maintenance and keep properties in good condition to keep tenants and owners happy.

    However, a virtual property management assistant can step in and provide many benefits in the role of a maintenance coordinator.

    Reduce Operational Costs

    A significant advantage of hiring a virtual assistant lies in cost-effectiveness. You save on expenses related to office space, utilities, insurance, and other overhead costs associated with a full-time, on-site employee.

    You pay solely for the services you need and the hours your virtual contractor works, which can be adjusted according to your demand.

    Round-the-Clock Service

    Virtual assistants can provide services beyond your standard working hours, ensuring continuous and reliable property maintenance services.

    For example, your VA can be available to respond to after-hours maintenance emergencies when a tenant calls or submits a maintenance request online. Virtual team members working in other countries and time zones can be your maintenance resource during their daytime hours when the same hours are "after" hours for you.

    Enhance Productivity

    Choosing a virtual assistant to manage maintenance tasks gives you more room to concentrate on core business activities.

    Your virtual assistant takes care of maintenance requests, schedules inspections, coordinates routine or seasonal maintenance tasks, and handles make-ready coordination, allowing you to focus on strategies to grow and develop your property management business.

    Using a Virtual Assistant for Your Rental Property Maintenance Services

    African woman sit at workplace desk holds cellphone staring at laptop

    The versatility of a virtual assistant for property maintenance services is impressive!

    Here are a few ways property managers can use a virtual assistant for these tasks.

    • Scheduling Maintenance: Virtual assistants can create and manage a routine maintenance schedule. They ensure every property receives the necessary upkeep and inspections regularly, adhering to both the landlord's and the tenants' convenience.
    • Communication: They act as a liaison between landlords, tenants, and service providers. All communication regarding maintenance, whether it's notifying tenants about upcoming inspections or discussing repair issues with contractors, can be handled by the virtual assistant.
    • Emergency Situations: Unexpected issues might arise that require immediate attention. In such instances, the virtual assistant can quickly contact the appropriate service providers to handle the situation promptly.
    • Cost Tracking: Virtual assistants can keep track of all the costs related to maintenance, providing a clear record of all expenses for review and analysis.

    If you thought you needed an in-house or full-time employee to handle these tasks, we hope you're excited to learn that a virtual contractor can be an excellent solution for these tasks with lower payroll costs!

    What to Put In a Virtual Maintenance Assistant Job Description

    Job description concept

    What does a maintenance coordinator do, and how can you document the skills you need in a VA to fill the role? A clear and comprehensive job description is crucial when looking for a virtual maintenance assistant.

    Here are some details you should include when creating and publishing a virtual job opening.

    Maintenance Scheduling

    The assistant would be responsible for scheduling and overseeing regular maintenance and inspections. The ideal candidate must have excellent project management, calendar management, and organizational skills.

    Vendor Relations and Management

    The ideal candidate must be able to manage relationships with service providers and ensure high-quality services are provided. This requires good communication, organizational, and problem-solving skills to maintain good relationships and know which vendor to call for specific maintenance issues.

    Repair Management

    Your virtual property management assistant should be capable of overseeing and managing any repair requests or issues that arise, including emergencies. They should be able to review maintenance requests, talk with tenants about issues, then provide a plan and timeline to repair problems.

    Once the plan is approved, they must be able to schedule services and ensure they are completed with high quality to keep tenants and property owners happy.

    Cost Management

    Managing a maintenance budget is crucial for success in the role of a virtual maintenance assistant.

    Make sure the job description includes details about keeping track of all maintenance costs, including creating and updating expense reports, getting estimates for repair and maintenance work, and monitoring costs for each property.

    Excellent Communication

    Effective maintenance coordination requires good, proactive communication skills. Your virtual team member will act as a point of contact for your team, landlords, tenants, and service providers regarding maintenance matters.

    How to Manage Property Maintenance Services With a Remote Team Member

    Over shoulder view of female worker have webcam digital virtual conference with diverse multiethnic colleagues

    Managing a remote team member as your maintenance coordinator might seem challenging, but with effective communication and the right tools, it can be a seamless process.

    Regular virtual meetings can keep everyone on the same page.

    Schedule these weekly and make sure they take place over a video conferencing system (like ZOOM) with cameras on to build a good relationship with your VA.

    Additionally, clear task lists and deadlines can ensure productivity. Digital tools, such as project management software, can help track tasks and schedules, like routine maintenance needs for each property under your management. Cloud storage can be utilized for easy document sharing and collaboration.

    You'll also want to set goals and expectations (like key performance indicators or KPIs) for your VA to help them succeed in their role. For a maintenance coordinator, good KPIs can include how quickly they respond to tenant requests consistently and finalizing all seasonal maintenance tasks for all properties within a specific timeframe.

    Can a Virtual Assistant Handle Commercial Property Maintenance Services?

    Close up of girl hands gesturing thumbs up using laptop on a desk at home

    Yes! While it's probably more common for property management virtual assistants to work in maintenance roles for residential property managers, they can also be ideal for commercial properties.

    They can liaise with commercial tenants, handle routine maintenance and inspections, and deal with any repair issues.

    They can also coordinate building inspections, manage tenant buildouts, and help keep common areas clean and updated by coordinating with cleaning services and designers.

    Get Our Free Maintenance Coordinator Job Description and Task List

    Whether it's a residential or commercial property, a property management virtual assistant can effectively serve as your maintenance coordinator, helping streamline tasks, reduce costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of property management. By leveraging digital resources and virtual property management talent, you'll experience the benefits of choosing remote workforce solutions for your property management company's customer service and growth!

    If you're ready to find a virtual assistant to fill a maintenance assistant role, download our free Maintenance Coordinator Job Description and Task List. This resource will guide you through creating a job post that will help you find the best candidates for the role. It also provides some "get started" and common tasks to help your new VA ramp up quickly in their new role.