The Best Listing Integrations to Train Your Remote Assistant

When you're operating a real estate business of any kind, from a brokerage to a property management company, you need the right help and support for the highest level of success. One of the ways to get that support is to hire a real estate virtual assistant with the skills you need and who can work with your company. 

Real estate VAs are ideal team members for listing properties to sell or rent. However, when hiring a VA, ensure your remote assistant understands your listing integration options, so everything operates smoothly.

A Remote Assistant Can Create and Publish Property Listings 

With a remote assistant, you can turn your property listing creation and publishing over to a capable team member. The suitable VA has the skills to write effective listings and publish them to listing sites quickly. 

Doing this increases your company's chances of growth because you can move more properties through your company, leading to higher profits and more happy clients. You may also see higher offers when you have quality listings because buyers are impressed with the features and photos included in a listing. Quality listings also reach more buyers wanting to purchase the properties you list for your sellers. 

However, hiring a virtual contractor to help you isn't only about what's said in the listings. It's also about where those listings appear and whether they're complete and timely. That's where listing software integrations come in! 

Your virtual assistant needs to be well-trained in the property management software you use and listing integrations to avoid a breakdown in the process. When training your VA on the listing integrations in your CRM (customer relationship management system), you can leave the listing work up to them and have confidence that it's handled correctly.Real Estate red New Listing sign

Listing Integrations for Your Real Estate VA 

Here are the most critical software integrations that real estate virtual assistants should be familiar with to handle listings for your real estate brokerage or property management company.

  • IDX: This integration is essentially an MLS data feed to your website, displaying the homes your real estate company currently offers for sale. Work with your virtual assistant to make sure it's accurate and up-to-date to help potential buyers see what they need to see about a property. 

  • Calendar software: Your VA needs to be very familiar with the calendar software used for your business. This allows clients to book times for showings and listing appointments without overlapping or causing other scheduling mishaps.

  • Tools for team communication: Your VA isn't an employee, but they're definitely part of your team. Communication among all your team members is vital, and your VA should never be an exception. Train your VA to use Slack or other tools your team uses to keep in contact. 

  • Project management tools: Reconciling data sets is tedious work. However, when you have good project management tools and a VA who knows how to use them, you can let software reconcile the data so humans don't have to.

  • CRM (customer relationship management): A quality CRM system is arguably among the most essential integration your website needs. Your VA should understand how to use it comfortably to help monitor leads and helps grow your business.

  • Marketing through email: If your VA isn't comfortable with an email marketing integration to your website, it can be easy for them to miss messages or not reply properly. The right knowledge in this area goes a long way to supporting your business.

  • Phone and SMS messaging: Potential clients prefer interactions via their phones and text messaging. Therefore, integrated marketing efforts that use these methods are essential information for your real estate VA.

  • Automated marketing: With automated marketing tasks, you free people up to do other things. Train your VA to work within an automated listing system. 

  • Social media: Social media interactions help deliver traffic to your website. Marketing your company and property listings through social channels is ideal for your virtual contractor. 

If you have a VA who isn't clear on all the listing integrations used by your company or needs help to improve their skills, take time to train them appropriately. Real Estate Home Search On Computer Online

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