Google Calendar Training for a Real Estate Virtual Assistant

If your property management company uses Google Calendar, and you're thinking about hiring a real estate virtual assistant, you want to make sure that the assistant understands everything you're asking of them. Not every VA has experience with Google Calendar or knows how to use it correctly right away. While virtual assistants are generally very skilled at administrative tasks, they aren't all the same and don't all have the same abilities.

Fortunately, you can provide virtual assistant training that addresses anything important your VA needs to know. That way, you can hire the person you like the best for your company, even if they don't have every skill you want on their first day of work. By choosing the right fit for your property management company, you'll have a virtual assistant you can rely on. 

Here's what to know about training a VA to use Google Calendar for your real estate business! 

What Is a Calendar Management Virtual Assistant?

A calendar management virtual assistant can take over the management of Google Calendars for you or your team to make sure everything operates smoothly, in addition to providing other administrative support.

As businesses grow, it's not uncommon for owners or managers to have a VA who only handles calendars, depending on how much time and effort that requires. Keeping up with a calendar for a property management or real estate company can be a full-time experience, and it's one that a good virtual contractor can take over for you.

Why You Need a Real Estate Virtual Assistant to Manage Your Google Calendar

There are several important reasons to hire a virtual assistant to take over your Google Calendar. For example, when you assign this task to a VA, you can experience:

  • More productivity because you will have additional free time to complete other tasks and goals for your business

  • An opportunity for the VA to know almost as much about the business as you so they can help your company operate more seamlessly

  • A good reminder that VAs have a variety of skills, and virtual assistant training is well worth the time involved to help support your best team members

  • More time flexibility so you can focus on other areas of the business that may need additional support or guidance

  • Being more prepared for meetings since you won't miss appointments that are stored on your calendar

  • Improved quality of life by letting your virtual administrative assistant increase your peace of mind

Google Calendar web pageYour real estate business deserves to have a VA who can manage your Google Calendar and help keep your business growing. As your company expands and continues its success, it will be more important than ever to work with a virtual assistant you can rely on to handle your calendar effectively.

How to Train Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant With Google Calendar

Some executive assistant VAs already understand how to use Google Calendar, but some might not. Additionally, you might have some specific ways you like the information listed on your calendar or certain ideas about how to note additional details. 

Making sure your VA is clear on how you want things done can make the process easier for everyone. When you train your VA on your calendar needs, make sure you:

  • Teach them the basics as your first step, especially if they don't have a lot of experience with Google Calendar or you have a unique way of including information

  • Provide them access to your calendar, so your remote administrative assistant can quickly and efficiently get to everything they need to work with

  • Use the right tools to reduce the chances of mistakes, frustration, and problems that could otherwise arise

  • Communicate throughout the entirety of your training process, allowing your VA to ask questions and understand your process more thoroughly

Training your VA could be simple and only take a little bit of time, or it could be more complicated and take longer. That depends on two factors: how much Google Calendar knowledge your VA already has and how specific you need to be with the way you want information included in your calendar.Smiling friendly African American therapist in glasses talking on video call

At the end of the day, it's your calendar, and you need to feel comfortable with how the information is provided, what's included, who it's shared with, and all the specifics of it. By conveying the right information to your virtual real estate assistant, you can feel confident that they'll handle your calendar in a way that works for you and your property management company.

Hiring the Right Virtual Administrative Assistant Is Vital for Your Business

Choosing a virtual administrative assistant you can comfortably work with for the long term can make a big difference for your business! VPM Solutions can help you find the right VA for your property management company. Start by creating your Free Company Profile! 

Download "The Real Estate Virtual Assistant Hiring Kit" for more resources to hire the best VAs. 

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