Real Estate Assistant Newsletter How-Tos for Marketing

When operating a real estate brokerage or property management company, you need the right strategies to get more clients coming through your doors. One of the marketing tactics you'll want to consider is a newsletter. 

Working with a real estate virtual assistant can make creating and sending that newsletter much easier. Not only can your VA help with content creation, but they can also ensure the newsletter goes to the right people at the right time. Additionally, they can field questions and comments from the newsletter to help you expand the success of your real estate and business over time.

Here's what your virtual assistant needs to know about developing a successful marketing newsletter. 

Why Does Your Real Estate Business Need a Newsletter? 

Understanding why your real estate agency needs a newsletter is the first step toward creating it and reaching prospective clients and customers. Whether your audience includes buyers, sellers, renters, or investors, the right message can connect with your target buyers and help them get to know your company. 

When you hire a real estate assistant to help with your newsletter needs, you get excellent support to maintain consistent newsletter delivery and content. 

However, not every real estate company has a newsletter. For those that do, the newsletter is an opportunity to stand apart from the rest of the competition. From the length of it to what day of the month it comes out, your newsletter should be unique to your agency and something that helps engage your readers. 

Capitalize on These Benefits

Some of the most significant advantages of having a real estate agency newsletter include the following:

  • Driving more traffic to your website

  • Boosting engagement with potential customers and clients

  • Personalizing marketing efforts to help readers feel valued

  • Keeping your brand at the top of clients' and customers' minds when they're ready to make a move.

More traffic coming to your website means more people are finding you and checking out what you have to offer. That can lead to additional levels of engagement, along with people who will come to you for advice and guidance on their real estate journeys. 

Being seen as a trusted source for real estate content can mean buyers, sellers, tenants, and property owners want to work with you when they're ready to make their next property-based move!Female recieve inbox view the pending e-mail communication, New messages on mobile smartphone

Tips to Help Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Create an Effective Newsletter

When you want to send out a newsletter, it's not just about putting some quick information together and getting it out into the world. Instead, it's crucial to create a newsletter that's actually effective and will do all the things mentioned above. 

Your real estate VA can be a big part of helping you do that by working with you to create a truly effective newsletter. To generate an engaging newsletter, you'll want to make sure your VA can:

  • Choose and stay focused on a particular topic for the month, so readers know what the newsletter is about

  • Give good information, but also write in a way that holds the interest of your readers

  • Provide value statements, which will give readers a better understanding of what you and your newsletter offer

  • Keep the newsletter short and sweet since readers may not want a lot of long-form information 

  • Create a good subject line that will catch readers' attention, so they'll open the newsletter and keep reading

  • Avoid spammy and clickbaity titles and links that aren't accurate to the information included or don't add value

  • Stay consistent with the quality, length, and other details of the newsletter, so readers learn what to expect

  • Always ensure they're featuring a call to action so readers know what they need to do next

While that might seem like a lot to remember, it becomes a formula that your real estate virtual assistants can easily follow each month when they create your newsletter. 

You may want to work with them on specific topics that are important to you, or you can let them choose the topics. If that's the case, you'll still want the option for final approval of the topic before they start on the newsletter, just in case it doesn't work with what you need or expect. With the right VA, you can get some great newsletter content to bring in additional business.Smiling relaxed young Asian businesswoman at work leaning back comfortably in her chair as she works at her laptop smiling in confidence

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