How to Future-Proof Your Business With a Real Estate Assistant

Your property management business is likely busy, with a lot going on every day. If you feel like you might be running behind or all the tasks you have to deal with are causing you stress, one of the ways to make things easier is by hiring a property management virtual assistant. Having a VA (or two) allows you to complete more of the tasks that need your attention while giving other tasks to an assistant who can get them finished for you. 

When you choose a real estate assistant, you can also help future-proof your business by giving it a stronger foundation and more support. The more solid your business is built, the more it can weather potential storms in the future. Here's what to consider when hiring an assistant for your property management company and why a virtual contractor can be an excellent option for future-proofing.

What Does It Mean to Future-Proof Your Business? 

Future-proofing your business means helping it become more resistant to adverse changes in the future. By planning for the potential of future events, your property management company can be more prepared. 

While it's impossible to future-proof for every eventuality, many instances can be prepared for and considered. Backing up data, for example, can protect your company from losing important information. Shredding documents may reduce your risk of a data breach. Additionally, the level of customer service you offer and the professional nature of your communications can both make a difference in how your company is perceived moving forward.

As you move through future-proofing, consider the areas most important to your customers and how you can protect your ability to continue offering those services, come what may.  

Why Is It Important to Future-Proof Your Business?

The primary reason to future-proof your business is to increase its chances of long-term success. In other words, you want to prepare for what might happen, so you'll be ready if it does. As long as those preparations aren't hindering your current work, you can benefit from future preparation. 

Your property management company works with property owners and tenants, so both groups need consideration when you look for a real estate assistant to help secure your company's future. Some of the largest benefits of future-proofing include:

  • Maintaining your business's financial health

  • Continuing to provide employment opportunities

  • Keeping your ability to service your customers

As your company moves into the future, it needs to stay financially healthy. Companies that cannot do that often die out or are overcome by their competition. To keep your strength in the market, your property management company's financial health is vital. 

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Additionally, your company will need to offer employment and allow W-2 employees and independent contractors (like virtual assistants) to service your customers adequately. Without enough job opportunities with your company, your customers can't get what they need. However, without enough customers, your company won't have additional employment opportunities. 

These two areas work together. When they are both successful, they also add to your business's financial health and well-being. That increases the future-proof nature of your company and adds to your peace of mind.

Audit Tasks to Identify Outsourcing Areas

When auditing tasks you or your team regularly perform, you can identify areas you can outsource to a real estate assistant. Finding a high-quality virtual assistant is essential because your property management company will rely on them for many different tasks.  

Which tasks should you consider in your plans to outsource to an assistant? Look for: 

  • Repetitive tasks

  • Challenging tasks

  • Neglected tasks

  • Valuable tasks

All of these tasks are good options for outsourcing when you're planning to choose a virtual assistant for your needs. 

What Do These Tasks Look Like?

Repetitive tasks that can be completed through outsourcing mean you'll free up your time for other areas that might need more individualized attention. 

Challenging tasks are also good for outsourcing because they can be difficult and take time. Giving them to someone else means you're freeing that time for additional future-proofing to grow your business!

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Neglected tasks are another excellent area where you can consider a property management virtual assistant. Unfortunately, these tasks are often pushed to the side and aren't getting done the way they should be. That can become a problem for future-proofing and ensuring your current owners and tenants receive the care they need now. 

Valuable tasks can also be given to assistants, as long as they are well-trained in what they need to do for your property management company. When tasks are valuable, property managers must ensure they're handled with care. These tasks can include contact with property owners and tenants but could also involve work that addresses growth, social media management, financial concerns, or related areas.

Hire the Right Property Management Virtual Assistant to Help Future-Proof Your Company

Finding the right property management virtual assistant is key! A property management company owner must hire someone they can trust and rely on. You should feel confident in your choice, so you don't need to worry about the person you've hired as time goes on. Virtual assistants can easily become part of a team and work together just as well as they could if they were in the office.

You can also benefit from a virtual worker who can be contacted when needed, so there's no need to hire a full-time or part-time employee for your company. With a quality professional in the virtual environment, you'll be more likely to keep your company moving forward and give your team the kind of help and support they need to serve property owners and clients effectively.

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