Microsoft Word for Property Management Virtual Assistants

If you're looking for some help and support for your property management company, one of the ways to get what you need is to hire a virtual assistantWhen you choose an assistant, you have someone who can take on the often time-consuming tasks you must work through every day. Then, when you don't need to focus on these day-to-day issues, you can spend your time on the core tasks that help build your company and fuel its growth.

Working with property management virtual assistants gives you additional opportunities to grow your company and takes the pressure off when it comes to the administrative tasks needed to operate your business. Among the tasks your VA will likely have is using Microsoft Word. It's an extremely popular word-processing program that's frequently used, so you want to be sure your virtual assistant has plenty of experience with it. 

Here's what property managers need to know about Microsoft Word for property management VAs!

Microsoft Word is an Essential Part of a VA's Toolkit

Before you hire any remote team member, be sure they have the skills you're looking for. You can certainly train your VA, but the less training required at the start, the faster they can start helping your company grow. 

When posting a job description, listing the skill set you need is a good way to make sure you and your new virtual assistant are on the same page. Then they know what's expected of them, and you can feel confident they can perform the work you need from them. 

Generally, a property management company uses virtual assistants to handle much of its administrative work. That can include corresponding with clients and customers, writing reports, coordinating maintenance requests, writing website content, and taking notes at meetings. 

The good news is that Word is capable of helping VAs handle those tasks. Since it can be used to do so much, a property manager must be sure a VA is comfortable with all of its features, not just the very basics. Nearly anyone can use it to write a simple document, but it offers a lot more value for those who know how to use it effectively.Laptop computer displaying logo of Microsoft Word-1

There Are Many Benefits to Working With Word

You and your remote team member should clearly understand all the benefits of Microsoft Word. After all, if you don't know the kinds of things that Word can do, you might not be clear on whether your virtual assistant is making the most of the word processing program or whether they're missing out on a lot of its options

Some of the biggest benefits of choosing Microsoft Word, and a VA that's comfortable with using this program, include:

  • Drafting internal correspondence for people within the company, and external correspondence for clients and customers

  • Creating and storing email templates to answer the more common or generic requests your company receives

  • Creating and designing brochures, business cards, newsletters, and plenty of other items

  • Supporting your brand and style by making it easy to customize shapes, art, charts, fonts, graphics, and much more

  • Correcting punctuation and grammar for quality and professionalism in both internal and external correspondence

Google Docs is the Google Suite alternative to Microsoft Word. While there are plenty of things Docs can do, Word is generally still the preferred option for many property management companies. 

Part of the reason is that Word has been around longer, and more people are familiar with it. Another reason for its popularity is that it pairs well with the other Microsoft products included in the Office Suite. When you hire a virtual assistant, you can provide them with access to the entire Suite of products, so they can easily integrate everything they need to support your property management business fully.

Integrate Word With Other Programs in the Microsoft Suite

Working with the Microsoft Suite of products provides remote team members with the programs and services they'll need to keep your business moving forward. Many daily operations can be handled in one place, and that includes integration with PowerPoint for presentations and Excel for spreadsheet calculations and detailed information. 

These resources are both helpful additions to Microsoft Word. Being able to include essential data between programs within the Suite makes it easy for your property management virtual assistant to get the job done efficiently and effectively.Smiling black man looking at camera, sitting at desk with laptop

VPM Solutions Can Help You Find Your Next Remote Team Member

When you want to find a new remote team member, it's important to know where to turn. While some platforms serve as simply a temp agency for property management, you can get the help and support you need to hire, pay, and manage virtual assistant teams through VPM Solutions. Make sure to mention Word in the skill requirements for your job description, so you can find the best VA for your needs. 

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