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How Remote Team Members Help Against Real Estate Agent Burnout

It's not surprising that burnout is rife in the real estate industry. 

As a real estate professional, you deal with people's lives, future financial security, and happiness. Plus, even when the real estate market struggles, agents must hustle, meaning added high pressure during uncertain times. 

If your work-life balance is out of whack or you find yourself or your staff working longer and longer hours with high mental exhaustion, you might want to consider hiring a specially trained remote assistant. Remote team members not only help to future-proof your business but alleviate the pressures you're experiencing currently. 

In this blog, we'll explain why real estate agents are prone to burnout, some strategies to help, and an easy way real estate professionals can find virtual assistants for their businesses.

A Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent

There's no one "typical" day in the life of a real estate agent. Depending on the needs of buyers and the market, agents could be in the office, out on the road preparing viewings, or taking care of any additional tasks that go into the sale and transfer of a property. 

Some of the tasks involved in real estate agency include: 

  • data entry

  • marketing duties

  • market research  

  • updating contacts

  • chasing down leads to 

  • meeting clients 

  • closing deals 

  • making calls 

  • sending emails

  • filing paperwork

  • organizing open homes

Each task can compound and lead to massive burnout, no matter how big or small. Plus, if you're still feeling the pressure of ongoing duties and mentally exhausted by the end of the day, these may be some critical signs of burnout.

Origami fortune teller on laptop in office concept for work life balance choicesTake Action Against Burnout 

What can real estate professionals do to protect against burnout? Start by recognizing the signs, then get help!

Notice the Signs

The first step against combatting real estate agent burnout (for you or your team) is to notice the signs:

  • negative thoughts

  • fatigue

  • overwhelmed by your work

  • headaches and muscle pains

  • lack of motivation

  • huge increases in workload 

  • decreased productivity or work performance 

If you're noticing some of these signs personally or in your staff, it may signify that burnout is on the way. 

Create a Collaborative and Connected Workplace

Burnout runs deep and can be impacted by out-of-office health factors such as sleep, nutrition, and exercise. So be sure to create a workplace supported by a healthy environment and monitor the performance and behaviors of your staff. 

Creating a more flexible WFH (work from home) policy or scheduling downtime for your agents may be necessary to avoid the stressors causing their burnout symptoms. In addition, provide opportunities for staff feedback and encourage honesty in group and one-on-one meeting spaces. 

Encourage Mindfulness Practice 

Mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga, as well as exercise and walking, are great ways to alleviate some of the pressures of burnout. Consider some voluntary training in mindfulness to encourage staff to build these habits.

Alleviate the Weight From Your Agent's Shoulders by Hiring a Virtual Assistant

If your team feels like they're bogged down in the day-to-day and mundane tasks, then real estate virtual assistants are the solution! 

One of the root causes of burnout is a feeling of being overwhelmed by tasks and duties. To help overcome this cause of burnout, skilled VAs from VPM Solutions can take on the everyday time-consuming tasks to free up your agents to do what they do best: sell. 

Real estate VAs or property management virtual assistants are highly skilled and can help with a range of real estate agency-related tasks, including but not limited to. 

  • data entry

  • social media management

  • lead follow-up

  • transaction coordination

  • customer service 

  • leads and customer relationships

  • administrative assistance

  • real estate research

  • website maintenance

  • virtual leasing agent jobs for lease expirations and renewals 

Hiring real estate virtual assistants to handle repetitive low-level tasks like these listed above (and others) helps reduce burnout, increases productivity, and helps your business grow!Handsome latin american man with beard working at computer at home

Experience the Benefits of Hiring a VA 

When you hire a virtual assistant to build remote teams, you're hiring a readily trained external assistant who can take on the day-to-day tasks that are eating into the time of your agents. 

Additionally, VAs can assist by: 

  • Increasing productivity: Virtual assistants are usually trained in the latest productivity and marketing tools, meaning they can take charge of recurring tasks. 

  • Save on workforce costs: Virtual assistants are far more cost-effective than onboarding a full-time team member. However, you only pay for a VA's hours worked, and most virtual assistants don't quality for traditional "employee" benefits, like healthcare or vacation time off. 

  • Peace of mind: Rather than juggling multiple tasks, a virtual assistant can take control of admin and workload, meaning both you and your agents can focus on outreach and growing the business.

If you're ready to add a VA to your remote team, start by setting up a free Company Profile through VPM Solutions. We are the only virtual assistance platform with thousands of VAs ready to get to work for property managers and real estate professionals. In addition, because VAs can take advantage of our free certification programs, you can find a virtual contractor with training and skills in real estate and property management! 

Remote Team Members are the Best Defense Against Burnout

By following the strategies above, you'll be able to detect, mitigate, and eliminate burnout in your real estate agency. To create a more balanced and productive environment, avoid platforms that only function as a temp agency for property management! Instead, find highly-skilled, long-term remote team members through VPM Solutions, where we make it easy to find, pay, and manage virtual assistant teams. 

Get our free "Real Estate Virtual Assistant Hiring Kit" for more resources to find your ideal VA!

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