Microsoft Excel for Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

If you're hiring a VA for your property management company, you want to ensure they have the skills you're looking for. Your real estate virtual assistant should be a support person for you and your team, and they can't do that as easily if they don't have proper knowledge of the tools you want them to use. 

One common tool used widely in the property management industry is Microsoft Excel. As a powerful option for the visualization and analysis of data, Excel is an excellent choice for formulas and calculations. In addition, you can store, track, and organize data in various ways, allowing you to keep your property management company on track and growing. Many professionals use Excel because it works, is relatively easy to use, and is nearly universal. 

Here's how to help your virtual assistant sharpen their Excel skills!

What Is Excel Used For?

Excel is a spreadsheet program that's part of the Microsoft Office Suite of products. In the real estate industry, it's typically used for financial planning, coordination, addresses and contacts, and a wide range of mathematical calculations. You can also use Excel to merge two different spreadsheets containing similar data or combine the information in multiple cells. 

When you need to create formulas or make calculations to see what your collected data tells you, Excel is among the best options. Your VA will need to be able to use Excel comfortably, so they can provide your company with the type and level of support you're looking for.

Why Making Sure Your VA Understands Excel Matters

There are a lot of reasons that real estate professionals would use spreadsheets. When your virtual contractor is well-versed in this software, they can handle more tasks for you! 

Some common property management functions in Excel include budgets, rent rolls, contact lists, and more. If your VA is a real estate transaction coordinator for your company, they'll need to use Excel daily to ensure everything is running smoothly. 

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When working in Excel frequently, any gaps in their knowledge will quickly become apparent. However, if your virtual assistant isn't skilled with this particular software, you can teach them what they need to know. 

Of course, hiring a VA who already has the right skills is generally better, so you don't have to put them through additional training. That way, they can get right to work helping your property management company and supporting your team.

12 Things Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant Should Know How to Do in Excel

While you can do hundreds of different things with Excel, there are some important basics your virtual assistant should know to master the software and function well in their role. Twelve of the most valuable Excel abilities for any VA to understand are:

  1. The right way to add more than one row or column at once, so they don't overwrite something or lose data in the process

  2. How to calculate the average of a group of numbers already contained in cells when you provide them with data

  3. The best use of the filter function as a way to simplify the data they're working with

  4. Using pivot tables to analyze data and make sense of the information that analysis provides

  5. The easiest way to use conditional formatting, which will allow them to change the color in the cells automatically

  6. How to easily and quickly remove any duplicate data sets or data points from the collected information

  7. The easiest way to transpose rows into columns to adjust the data presentation

  8. Proper ways to split up any text information between columns so it's easy to read and understand

  9. Using the VLOOKUP function to take data from one area of the sheet and add it to another

  10. The correct use of formulas for making simple calculations needed in their support role

  11. Using the IF Excel formula, which will make it easier to automate some specific functions

  12. How to use dollar signs to the cell's formula when making adjustments to the spreadsheet

Woman working with spreadsheets on laptop computer

There may be other aspects of Excel you want your VA to know, but any virtual assistant who understands these twelve functions will be able to do the vast majority of tasks you might ask of them. Then you can build on the basics if there are more things you want your remote assistant to learn for the future.

Finding the Right Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Matters

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