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    How Real Estate Agents Use a Virtual Real Estate Marketing Assistant

    Real estate agents, brokers, and professionals in the industry can leverage the power of virtual marketing assistants to boost their marketing efforts. Even if your business is localized to a specific real estate market, virtual assistants can be pivotal in executing marketing tasks efficiently and effectively. 

    Keep reading to learn about the benefits of a virtual marketing assistant and how they can support real estate agents to market their businesses and properties.

    Outsourcing Marketing Tasks to Virtual Talent

    Marketing tasks are among the best and easiest to outsource to virtual assistants. By delegating these responsibilities, real estate agents can save valuable time and focus on core business activities. 

    Virtual assistants for marketing bring a diverse skill set to the table and can handle a range of marketing tasks efficiently, allowing agents to streamline their operations and enhance their overall productivity.

    6 Ways a Virtual Assistant Helps Market Properties 

    Marketing in real estate means promoting your business as well as properties for sellers. Here are a few ways a real estate virtual assistant can help you showcase properties to close more sales. 

    Young woman looks at analysis on a computer screen, virtual marketing assistant concept1. Creating Property Listings for Sellers

    Virtual marketing assistants can create compelling property listings that showcase the unique features of each property. Crafting enticing descriptions and selecting visually appealing photos ensures that the property is presented in the best possible light. This helps attract potential buyers and generate interest in the listed properties.

    2. Conducting Market Research

    Market research is a crucial component of any successful real estate marketing strategy. 

    Virtual marketing assistants can conduct comprehensive market research to identify target audiences, analyze market trends, and provide valuable insights. This enables real estate professionals to make informed decisions and tailor their marketing efforts to reach the right audience of buyers.

    3. Coordinating with Stagers, Photographers, and Others

    Virtual marketing assistants can coordinate with various professionals involved in the process of creating high-quality photos and staging properties. Experienced VAs ensure that all necessary arrangements are made, schedules are coordinated, and the visual representation of the property is optimized. 

    This collaborative effort results in captivating property listings that resonate with potential buyers.

    4. Scheduling Showings

    Virtual marketing assistants can efficiently handle the scheduling of property showings. By managing calendars, coordinating with potential buyers, and keeping all parties informed, they ensure that showings are organized smoothly and timely. 

    This saves real estate agents the hassle of managing scheduling logistics and allows them to focus on building client relationships.

    5. Frontline Communication with Buyers and Sellers

    The right VA can act as the first point of contact for buyers and sellers, providing valuable support to the sales team. They handle inquiries, address concerns, and keep clients updated on the status of their properties. 

    This responsive communication helps build trust and enhances the overall sales process.

    6. Creating Social Media Posts to Promote Listings

    A virtual assistant can be adept at crafting engaging social media posts to promote property listings. Along with preparing quality listings, showcasing properties through your social media platforms and posting on listing sites can be an ideal task for the right virtual team member. 

    7 Ways a Virtual Real Estate Marketing Assistant Helps Market Your Business

    In addition to promoting properties and listings, your VA can be a valuable asset when marketing your business to find new clients. Here's how they can help! 

    1. Developing Content for Your Website

    Virtual marketing assistants can develop compelling content and messaging for real estate agent websites. 

    They ensure that the content is search engine optimized, appeals to the target audience, and effectively communicates the unique value proposition of the agent's services. This helps improve online visibility, attract organic traffic, and establish the agent as an authority in the industry.

    2. Conducting Keyword and Competitor Research

    Your VA can conduct keyword and competitor research. By identifying valuable keywords and analyzing competitors' strategies, they help real estate agents optimize their marketing efforts. 

    This research-driven approach enables agents to rank higher in search engine results and target their marketing messages more effectively.

    3. Creating Social Media Posts

    The right virtual assistants are well-versed in creating engaging social media posts that captivate audiences. They can develop and execute social media content strategies, manage content calendars, and ensure regular posting. 

    By leveraging social media effectively, real estate agents can enhance their brand visibility, engage with their target audience, and drive traffic to their websites or listings.

    4. Setting up and Monitoring Paid Ads

    Your remote team member can set up and manage paid advertising campaigns on platforms such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or Instagram Ads. 

    Marketing assistants have the expertise to select the right targeting options, allocate budgets effectively, and monitor campaign performance. By leveraging paid ads, real estate agents can reach a wider audience, increase brand awareness, and generate leads.

    5. Monitoring Marketing Campaigns

    Your virtual team member can closely monitor the performance of marketing campaigns, including paid ads, social media campaigns, and email marketing efforts. They analyze key metrics, track conversions, and make necessary adjustments to optimize campaign performance. 

    Regular reporting and analysis provide real estate agents with valuable insights into the effectiveness of their marketing strategies.

    6. Creating and Sending Emails

    Virtual assistants can handle email marketing campaigns on behalf of real estate agents. 

    From designing visually appealing email templates to crafting compelling content, they ensure that email campaigns are engaging and effective. They can also manage email lists, segment contacts, and schedule email sends for targeted and personalized communication.

    7. Creating Collateral and Coordinating with Vendors

    While they can't place yard signs at your listed homes, virtual marketing assistants can help create various marketing collateral, such as yard signs, business cards, flyers, and more. 

    The right VA can coordinate with vendors to ensure timely production and delivery of these materials. This allows real estate agents to maintain consistent branding across all their marketing materials and effectively promote their services.

    People holding social media icons, virtual real estate marketing assistant conceptWhy Choose a Virtual Marketing Assistant over an In-House Assistant?

    So, why should you choose a virtual assistant for marketing instead of an in-house employee when scaling your business

    By working with an experienced virtual marketing assistant, real estate agents can reduce the timeline for kickstarting their marketing plans. Virtual assistants can quickly jump into action, saving agents the time and effort required to hire and train an in-house assistant.

    Hiring an in-house marketing assistant involves additional expenses, including salary, benefits, office space, and equipment. On the other hand, virtual marketing assistants typically work on a contract or freelance basis, allowing real estate agents to pay for the specific services they need without the overhead costs associated with hiring a full-time employee.

    Additionally, virtual marketing assistants work with clients from various industries, exposing them to different marketing strategies and trends. This exposure enables them to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to real estate marketing. Their diverse skill set allows real estate agents to tap into a wide range of expertise, enhancing their marketing strategies and setting them apart from competitors.

    Find Virtual Marketing Team Members To Boost Your Real Estate Agency

    Virtual marketing assistants offer invaluable support to real estate agents in their marketing efforts. They can handle a wide range of marketing tasks efficiently and effectively. By leveraging their expertise, real estate agents can save time, reduce costs, and focus on building client relationships and closing deals. 

    Embracing virtual talent is a smart move for real estate agents looking to enhance their marketing strategies and stay ahead in the competitive real estate industry. If you're ready to find your next marketing assistant, start with a Free Company Profile through VPM Solutions. Our platform delivers experienced and well-trained virtual talent specifically for the housing industry!

    Use our free "Property Management Marketing Assistant Job Description and Quickstart Task List" to set up a job description, then get your new VA off and running when they join your team.