Finding a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Social Media Management

Real estate professionals work in a fast-paced environment. However, having the right remote team members can greatly improve your ability to stand out in your market. 

Part of standing out requires a robust marketing plan, including a strategy to connect with property owners and tenants through social media. If you're struggling to find the time and expertise to manage your social platforms effectively, it's time to hire a real estate virtual assistant! Here's what real estate agents and experts need to know about finding a VA for social media management.

What is a Real Estate Virtual Assistant?

A real estate VA works for your company as an independent contractor, but they are not located in your physical office. However, by removing the physical limitations of "local only" for the hiring process, you greatly increase your available talent pool when building your workforce. 

VAs can handle a variety of tasks for real estate businesses, they're lower-cost team members, and they improve efficiency and productivity for real estate companies!

Why Is Social Media Important to the Real Estate Industry?

Because of the growing digital nature of buyer behavior, social media is becoming a more important aspect of every marketing strategy for a variety of industries, including real estate. Posting listings, showing property videos, and providing helpful information through social media is an excellent way to connect with potential buyers and sellers. 

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Real estate virtual assistants give you the ability to manage your social platforms and messaging more easily. Your assistant doesn't need to be in your physical office to do this! Let's take a look at exactly what a virtual assistant can do for your social media presence.

What Can a Virtual Assistant do to Help With Your Social Media?

So, what can a VA working in a remote environment do to manage your social presence? Check out these tasks!

Manage Social Profiles

If you have Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, or Instagram accounts and don't have anyone in the office to maintain these profiles, hire a virtual assistant to take care of them. Because the accounts can be accessed from anywhere, managing profiles, responding to questions and comments, or making account updates can be administrated from anywhere. 

Schedule and Manage Posts

Creating content for posts and scheduling them across multiple platforms is an ideal task for a remote team member. In addition, VAs can monitor social media from any location and in any time zone, making them a valuable asset for keeping track of scheduled posts, posting timely content related to current listings or events in your market, and monitoring engagement to track the posts that are most effective for your marketing strategy. 

Your VA can also ensure that content posted to each platform works well for each platform, rather than posting the same text or images to every platform in an ineffective way. 

Engage With Your Audience and Monitor Comments 

One of the most critical aspects of successful social media marketing is engaging with people who post comments or ask questions on your posts. A skilled virtual assistant can monitor posts, comments, and questions for multiple platforms, then respond to engage with visitors. 

Monitoring comments also allows you to address negative input from trolls or unhappy clients who choose social media to air their grievances. The right VA can skillfully respond to negative comments to ease frustrations and effectively moderate anything that could "go off the rails" on your social platforms. 

Research Ideas for Content

Information proliferates across the internet — especially on social media — which gives your virtual assistant the ability to research topics that are relevant to your business and market. By monitoring activity on social media platforms (including accounts for competitors in your area), your VA can learn what buyers and sellers are looking for in your area, then help you develop content around those topics. 

Woman holding smartphone with social internet service Instagram on the screenCreate Campaigns

Your virtual assistant can help you design your online campaigns. Whether social posts are part of a larger campaign with blogs, offline elements, and other channels, or you plan a stand-alone social campaign for your platforms, your real estate VA is an ideal resource to create content, graphics, and a schedule for targeted posts. 

Track Critical Metrics 

Are your social posts working? Is your social marketing strategy helping your business grow? A virtual assistant can help you figure that out by tracking metrics for your platforms! Having eyes on the most important metrics can be the difference between developing social campaigns that help drive new leads to your real estate business and posting in ways that bury your content in social feeds.  

VPM Solutions Helps You Find the Best Remote Team Members for Social Media Management

Ready to add a social media manager to your team? VPM Solutions has thousands of VAs with critical skills that can help your real estate company grow. Find a remote team member who understands the real estate industry and social media marketing through your Free Company Profile! 

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