Facebook Ad Tips for Your Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Your real estate business has a lot of options when it comes to marketing. One of those is Facebook Ads—but will these ads give you what you need? How can you use them to your biggest advantage? 

There are plenty of ways to create quality ads that will get your real estate brokerage noticed. However, working with a real estate virtual assistant to create quality content is one of the best opportunities you have for building your business. 

Here's how to get started when you hire a virtual assistant for your Facebook Ad needs, so you can get great ads up and running on social media as quickly as possible.

Why Would Your Real Estate Business Use Facebook Ads?

There are a couple of big reasons for your real estate business to choose Facebook Ads. 

First, your competition is definitely using them. You don't want to get left behind by avoiding something that most of your competitors are already doing. If you avoid putting ads on Facebook, you could be missing out on valuable potential interactions with clients and customers who want and need your services.

Additionally, Facebook Ads have a huge reach because so many people use the social networking site to keep in contact with friends and family members and to follow pages and interests they like. You can tailor ads to specific groups and demographic profiles, which means you aren't wasting money showing your ads to people who don't have any interest in them. 

Using Facebook Ads can give your real estate brokerage a significant boost in traffic for a very small budget.

What Can Your Virtual Assistant Do With Facebook Ads?

When you work with a real estate virtual assistant, you'll have the help and support you need for high-quality Facebook Ad creation. 

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Instead of worrying about how you will handle these ads, what to say, and all the fine details of getting them into the newsfeeds of potential customers, you can leave all that to your assistant. 

Some of the things your VA can do with Facebook Ads include:

  • Install the FB Pixel on your website to track data and Facebook conversions

  • Set up both standard and custom conversion events to engage with customers

  • Verify your domain (you will need to allow your VA access to your website domain host and DNS records for this)

  • Set up and rank aggregated events so you have data you can analyze for more success

  • Write your Facebook Ad copy in ways that get your real estate business noticed by clients and customers

  • Design Facebook Ad graphics to go with high-quality content

  • Design and resize your Facebook Ad graphics so you can use them for Facebook and Instagram stories

  • Optimize your landing page by making sure the ad copy and promises match what the landing page has to offer

  • Create a thank you page that indicates successful sign-up confirmation because it's the best way to track conversions

  • Ensure that leads get emails from your company's service provider

  • Make use of Google tracking links to analyze the effectiveness of your ads and leads

When you work with a real estate VA, you can let them take over those tasks for your business so that you can focus on other areas of importance. Whether you're out networking with other agents, attending continuing education courses, taking listings, going to showings, or anything else, it helps to know you have an assistant handling this marketing task to help your business grow. 

Don't Avoid Facebook Ads When Your VA Can Help

Because Facebook Ads are so popular, you don't want to avoid using them. Even if you're not sure how to get started, your virtual assistant can be the one to take on that task. 

You might want to approve the ad copy, for example, but you can give all the other duties to your VA. They can handle creating great ads, generating reports that show you how conversions are working out for your real estate business, and providing suggestions to help you experience more interest from potential clients.

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When real estate professionals hire a virtual assistant who understands the real estate space, look for one who also has Facebook Ad knowledge and good ad copywriting skills. Then you can let your VA get started right away and have more peace of mind that you've chosen the right person for the role!

Hire a Real Estate Virtual Assistant for Your Facebook Ad Needs Today

Ready to take your real estate business advertising to the next level? Implementing a successful Facebook Ads strategy can help your real estate business generate more leads in your market. You can hire real estate virtual assistants and get started today! 

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