What Can Hiring a Virtual Assistant Do For Property Managers?

Updated August 8, 2022.

A virtual assistant (VA) provides support services to your property management business while working remotely as an independent contractor—but what can they really do for you? A VA can take over tasks that keep property management business owners from the time needed to build client relationships or grow their businesses.

How can property managers use specialized virtual assistants effectively? Here are several reasons why hiring a virtual assistant is a smart way to build your team!

Tasks a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

If you are looking for a cost-effective way to expand your property management company’s capabilities, hiring a virtual assistant could be the right move for you! Virtual assistants have become an in-demand way to build a workforce without many common overhead costs associated with W-2 employees. VAs help lighten your workload and improve efficiency, so you can spend your time on more valuable tasks and improve your work-life balance.

If you're not sure where a VA fits into your team or operations, here's what they can do for you! 

Respond to Tenant Requests and Schedule Rental Showings

Two essential tasks that need to be handled promptly are responding to tenant requests and scheduling rental showings. Delays to tenant requests can increase turnover and send your tenants to rentals managed by other companies with better maintenance services. Conducting prompt showings helps property owners experience shorter vacancy times.  

Hiring a virtual assistant gives you a resource to manage renters and coordinate schedules with potential tenants and contractors. You don't have to spend time on schedules or being in the loop on these communications! 

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Review Prospective Tenant Applications

An experienced virtual assistant can review rental applications for prospective tenants. They can check for completed information and any supporting paperwork that completes the application process. If anything is missing, your VA can contact the applicants to fill in any incomplete information. With the right training, your VA can also check an applicant's rental, professional, and employment references.

With completed applications, your VA can send you a list of qualified potential tenants to review and approve for placement. 

Maintain Team Calendars

Reviewing and updating team calendars is another task that a virtual assistant can handle. Property managers must keep track of property showings, meetings with new clients or existing property owners, and appointments with maintenance contractors. Missing out on an appointment can mean losing out on revenue or potential leads. 

virtual assistant can help you effectively track what you need to do and where you need to be for all your appointments.

Property Listing and Advertising

Listing your properties and advertising your openings is another area where a VA can help you save time. A skilled property management virtual assistant can develop compelling listings, compile quality photos, and list available properties on various sites to generate new rental applications.

After listing a property, your VA can monitor websites, manage social media posts, and watch for submitted applications to start the review and screening process. 

Streamline Your Workflows

virtual assistant can help you monitor and streamline your property management workflows. With a vigilant VA, you have someone monitoring the next steps for lease renewals, maintenance and inspections, tenant issues, and various other critical tasks to keep property owners and tenants happy. They can also track rental payments, send reminders for past-due rent, and help support your team to keep everyone on task and meeting deadlines.

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Become a Point of Contact

When you hire a virtual assistant, they can become a point of contact for current and potential tenants, property owners, and vendors. Sometimes it's hard to keep up with all the voicemails and emails coming in. Your VA can check your voicemails and emails regularly during the day to make sure you never miss an important call or email. They will also document vital details and send you the messages with action item lists to help you address them.

Give your VA template messages to deal with frequent information requests. This allows your virtual assistant to quickly answer common questions or issues to delight tenants and property owners who reach out with questions or problems. Hiring a VA is like having a customer service team handle all the questions you don’t have time for!

Hiring a Virtual Assistant Is a Smart Way to Grow!

Staying on top of tasks and supporting your team is easier when hiring a virtual assistant! If you've never considered using a VA as an independent contractor for these critical property management tasks (and more), it's time. 

A property management job hub, like VPM Solutions, is the best place to find your ideal virtual assistant! We deliver qualified property management professionals ready to add value to your team and streamline your operations. Through our system, it's simple to find an excellent VA, request assignments, approve work, and pay your virtual assistants. It's easy to get started! Set up your company profile and find the help you need today.

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