How to Excel In Property Management Virtual Assistant Jobs!

Updated 8 September 2022.

Is being a virtual assistant an easy job? Ask anyone who works in any industry, and they will tell you all jobs require a lot of work—and being a virtual assistant is no exception!

While some jobs bring less stress than others, all successful individuals must work hard to excel at what they do. There are many benefits to choosing property management virtual assistant jobs—but is being a virtual contractor easy? With the right approach, skills, habits, and some hard work, you'll make it seem like it is!

Take Steps to Master the Virtual Assistant Profession

"Working from home" sounds like a dream job to many. You don't have to commute to work, and you get to work in comfortable clothes!

However, to be a successful virtual assistant working from home (or anywhere you are), it's critical to take steps to master the profession. Knowing where to find virtual assistant clients and which ones are ideal for your working habits are important parts of building your career. While being your own boss as an independent contractor brings plenty of freedom, it also requires a lot of responsibility for success! 

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Prepare for Life As Your Own Boss

When you step into the property management virtual assistant industry, you are your own boss! While you'll work for clients and follow their guidelines and expectations, you're a freelancer and the "manager" of your virtual assistant business.

It's empowering to do things on your own, set your hours, choose your clients, and be a business owner. However, don't forget that your success is all up to you. Your VA career can only be what you can bring to the table. The more you work toward better skills and habits, the more you will enjoy plenty of work and a successful career!

Develop Skills to Boost Your Success

What skills do you need to find the best property management virtual assistant jobs? Virtual assistants need a balance of job-specific skills, good working habits, and the know-how to manage a freelance business. 

Find Your Niche

Put yourself where you'll find the jobs you need and become an in-demand virtual assistant. Finding your niche and becoming a specialist in that area helps you find the jobs that best fit your skills, goals, and work style.

Within the property management industry, clients need help managing rentals and specialists in various other areas, too. If you want to be hands-on with properties and tenants (virtually), build your skills and experience with tenant screening, processing rental payments, maintenance requests, creating leases, and other rental management tasks VAs can do remotely. Become an expert in different types of property management software to become a valuable property management resource! 

Property managers need help in other areas, too! If you're a bookkeeper or accountant, make sure you have the right qualifications and experience to serve these in-demand needs as a VA. 

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Learn How to Manage a Business

Since you're the boss, it's important to understand how to run a business! Do your research to learn:

  • Where to find virtual assistant clients (and how to impress them)

  • Filing and paying taxes

  • Tracking invoices and income

  • Setting up an office (and how to deduct business expenses)

Remember: as a virtual independent contractor, your clients don't provide office supplies, a laptop, or high-speed internet. Set up your virtual assistant business with the tools you need to deliver quality services. Don't neglect bookkeeping, taxes, or other critical operational tasks that keep you operating legally and successfully!

Maintain a High Level of Motivation and Professionalism

Prioritize two critical traits for success as a virtual assistant: motivation and professionalism. You must have a strong work ethic to get ahead in the virtual assistant market. Outworking your competition could be the difference between landing a big client or missing out on opportunities you need to fill your schedule and maintain your income.

Working from home can sometimes lead to a "casual" approach to operating your business. Take the time to build up a high level of motivation and work hard to keep it. Stay professional by keeping regular office hours, being on time for video calls, delivering projects on time, and dressing for success—even when working at home! 

Be cordial and professional in your communications, from your clients through their tenants to property owners. Focus on quality and proactively look for new jobs to support your business as a VA!

Be Your Own Boss With Property Management Virtual Assistant Jobs!

Property management virtual assistant jobs are available, but property managers are looking for the best and brightest talent to fill these roles. Is that you? It's not easy to be a virtual contractor, but you can excel in this career with the right habits and motivation! 

Let Virtual PM Solutions help you get started (or continue) your virtual assistant job search. When you build your profile through our job hub, you have access to a variety of available jobs and clients—no matter where you live or work. We also offer ongoing training opportunities to help you build your business and enjoy more success!

Learn what it takes to make your virtual assistant career a success! Download our free guide. 

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