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    Top Tasks To Assign to Virtual Assistants for Real Estate

    Updated February 23, 2023

    Trying to do it all yourself is a surefire way to suffer burnout, add unnecessary stress to your team, and divert time and attention from high-priority tasks to low-priority tasks. 

    That's why smart real estate business owners — like real estate brokers, fix-and-flippers, agents, and commercial real estate investors — are finding and outsourcing tasks to specialty-trained virtual assistants. It's the perfect way to free up your schedule so that you can focus on high-level projects that grow your business.

    In this blog, we'll examine why choosing a virtual assistant is a smart decision, some of the main tasks assigned to virtual assistants, and the best place to find a real estate virtual assistant for your company.

    Why Is Working With Virtual Assistants for Real Estate a Smart Decision?

    It's often a case of not knowing you needed a VA until you add one to your team and then wondering what you ever did without them! 

    Whether you're a new business chasing down leads or an established management or real estate group with a complete book of clients—businesses at all stages can benefit from a remote assistant. Virtual assistants commonly work for several companies meaning they know how best to provide their services and maximize their output.

    Task checklist in project management concept, pen on white paper notepad with handwritten headline as Task List and numbers listed on wood table,

    Some of the common reasons real estate agents choose a virtual assistant include the following: 

    • You may have tasks that don't warrant hiring a full-time employee

    • You need a worker who is fast and with a particular set of skills 

    • You can't afford a full-time employee

    • VAs are specially trained and ready to adapt to market changes quickly 

    • As hourly workers, virtual assistants are paid for productive hours 

    • Unlike an executive assistant, a virtual assistant can work on several projects and in different areas

    For best outcomes, find the skilled talent you need through a reputable and experienced remote team resource company like VPM Solutions. 

    What a Remote Assistant Can Do for You

    While in the past, remote assistant's duties were often slightly more restricted to basic administration, today, you can find a real estate virtual assistant with a full range of skills ready to assist your business in the fast-moving real estate industry. 

    Some of the tasks you can assign to your remote assistant include the following.

    Deep Property Research

    Real estate is a research-heavy industry governed by sometimes complex legal concepts and shifts in the market. A real estate VA can help by running comps, researching competitors, and more. 

    Additionally, a virtual assistant can undertake research and create reports, saving time and streamlining your processes. 

    Data Entry

    Data entry is often a dreaded task for real estate professionals. However laborious it may be, data entry is integral for maintaining up-to-date records, contacts, and analysis.

    The right remote assistants are trustworthy and knowledgeable on the latest data security, meaning they can take charge of your data needs and free up more time so that you can work on your business and not in it. 

    Appointment Scheduling and Calendar Management 

    Setting appointments and calendar management are remote assistants' bread and butter tasks. A remote team member can:

    • Help you keep track of ongoing obligations 

    • Automate the process with an online tool 

    • Sync up your devices, so you never miss an obligation 

    The best way to get started is to give remote team members access to your calendar and let them go for it (remember to block out ongoing appointments). 

    Email Writing 

    Is your inbox flooded, or do you dread writing an email?

    VAs can write, fact-check, and edit emails to clients and business partners.  

    Phone Communication

    Virtual assistants can easily speak with clients, reach out to leads, and manage all incoming and outgoing calls. In addition, it's easy to find VAs with near-fluent English and neutral accents. 

    Accounts and Books 

    Do you break into a nervous sweat around tax time?

    Keeping track of expenses, following up on bills, and more can eat into your workday. However, these tasks can easily be delegated to a specially trained virtual contractor.

    Social Media Management and SEO Blogging 

    Suppose you need to sharpen up your inbound content to attract more leads and establish a more substantial presence in the industry. Trained real estate VAs can research SEO and write marketing materials such as blog posts. 

    Real estate virtual assistants can also cross-post and manage various social media channels, ensuring everything is up-to-date and optimized. 

    Customer Relationship Management

    Losing a client can be a significant blow to your company's growth. 

    As a property manager or real estate broker, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed and miss opportunities. However, a virtual assistant can manage client relations through all channels and a CRM to ensure all questions, concerns, and comments are addressed and dealt with professionally. 

    Paid Ads Design 

    While paid ads are an elite way to attract new business, they are also a timesink. 

    Creating ads, writing copy, and choosing the right creative are all tasks easily assigned to a real estate VA.  

    Transaction Coordination

    Using real estate virtual assistant services means you can give real-estate-related tasks to well-trained remote team members. The right assistant can be your transaction coordinator, helping coordinate paperwork, payments, accounts, and more.

    Choose Virtual Assistants That Understand the Real Estate Industry 

    Real estate is an ever-changing industry that requires adaptable, conscientious, and highly trained individuals.

    If you're in the market for a virtual assistant that understands the specific needs of the real estate profession, then reach out to VPM Solutions. We offer industry-specific training at no charge for virtual assistants to equip them with the necessary skills to complete the tasks above.

    Multi-tasking businessman working in the office

    Find a Remote Team Member for Your Real Estate Business Today 

    It may be time for a change if you're bogged down day-to-day or your real estate company has stagnated. Industry-trained virtual assistants for real estate from VPM Solutions can provide the support and expertise necessary to free up your calendar, allowing you to grow your business.

    Whether you're a real estate agent, a wholesaler, run a property management company, or manage a real estate brokerage, virtual assistants with the right experience can handle more tasks than you might think to help optimize your business. Find and build a remote team with your Free Company Profile!

    Discover more ways to incorporate remote assistants into your real estate business with the insights in our free resource, the "Guide to Using Virtual Assistants for Your Real Estate Business!"

    Download Now