The Cost of Hiring a Recruiting Agency

Updated March 30, 2022.

Hiring new employees can be expensive! As a property management business owner, your or your hiring manager might spend valuable time scrolling through applicants and scouring recruiting websites for a candidate that seems like a good match—when you're time should be better spent on business planning and growing your client list. 

If you don't have time to search for new hires on your own, the other most common option is to hire a recruiting agency to find potential new hires—that might or might not be the right fit for you.

The cost of hiring an agency to handle your hiring can be an expensive way to exceed your overhead budget costs. Is there a better way to find excellent talent and hire a property management virtual assistant without the expense? Let's look at what you really pay for with a recruiter vs. using a job hub platform that delivers the best to you!

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The (True) Cost of an Agency

Paying for a hiring service might seem like money well spent until you look deeper at the numbers. Recruiters get paid by finding people for you to hire. Whether these new hires are the right fit for a long-term employee (or not) isn't the top priority for a recruiting agency. They get paid when you hire one of their referrals.

To be fair, many recruiters are good at their jobs. They know where to look for potential new hires and how to move them through your hiring process to get them hired and working for the companies that pay them for this task. However, once they find an employee that you hire, they move on. 

What Are You Really Paying For? 

Recruiters work for many companies simultaneously, and delivering new talent is a numbers game for them. The more companies they work for and new employees they provide, the more money they make. 

To make use of a recruiter's services, a property management company typically pays agency fees between 15-20% of the first-year salary of the new hire they bring to the role they need to fill. That means you're paying more for a new hire than the costs of their salary and benefits to bring them on staff.

After a few new employees, this adds up to significant costs that impact your overhead budget! Plus, a recruiter doesn't often guarantee that their referrals will be effective long-term employees that support your company and help grow your business. They work to get a new body in your door fast. Quality and longevity might not be what you get when using a recruiter. 

Ongoing Support Isn't Part of the Deal

Most recruiters aren't responsible for your new hire after you complete the paperwork and they bill you for their work. Recruiters don't offer ongoing training or check in on their referrals to ensure they delivered a quality employee. 

While an agency can do important legwork like vetting a potential new hire, running background tests, and screening out applicants that definitely aren't a good fit, they don't offer ongoing support for the people they send your way.

So, what can property management business owners do if they don't have the time to search for and vet new team members, and the cost of an agency isn't worth it? It's time to use a job hub and hire a property management virtual assistant!

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Cut Out the Middle Man

With the right property management virtual assistant platform, business owners can cut out the middle man—and the associated costs—while finding quality property management talent to expand their workforces. 

virtual assistant job hub like VPM Solutions is the ideal way to reduce hiring expenses while adding skilled team members to your workforce! When property managers use our services, they get:

  • Carefully screened, top talent from around the world 

  • Virtual assistants with access to training programs to help them better serve property owners and their clients

  • A simple way to post job listings that attract qualified candidates

  • Access to hundreds of excellent property manager virtual assistants that can ramp up quickly for your business

Because we specialize in property management talent, we help businesses find qualified VAs faster—and they're ready to get to work for you right away. Plus, with access to our ongoing support and training, you hire a property management virtual assistant as an independent contractor that will always be up-to-date and ready to adapt to innovation within your company and the industry.

Cut Costs and Get Direct Access to the Talent You Need 

Don't pay for a middle man who isn't focused on your long-term success with the best talent in the business! Let VPM Solutions help you hire a property management virtual assistant that's specifically qualified to balance workloads, handle routine tasks, and make room for growth in your business. Pay only for the work you approve from your VA—without costly agency fees that impact your bottom line. Get started with a free company profile!

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