How Can Property Managers Work Remotely in Mexico?

Updated March 30, 2022.

How can property managers work remotely in Mexico? If you have ever wondered how you can be a property manager while you also work remotely in Mexico (or anywhere else), this is the place to find out! 

With the right skills and training, working in the property management industry is something you can do as a virtual assistant. Work with property managers outside of where you live with the right resources for success! Here are some of the things you can do to set yourself up for a thriving career as a remote property manager.

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Make Yourself a Remote Working Expert

Successfully working remotely in Mexico requires planning and developing some good habits. Specializing in property management and as a digital nomads expert helps you become an "in demand" VA with plenty of job opportunities! 

Add these habits to your daily routine as an independent contractor:

  • Take your communication skills to the next level. With people working in different locations (and even countries), it is helpful to over-communicate to avoid misunderstandings. As you and your team members collaborate, good communication and documentation help ensure that things don't get missed. This includes clarifying expectations frequently to make sure you know what you are expected to accomplish and by when.

  • Dress for your day! Even though it may not be a requirement, it's a good practice to dress professionally while working remotely. You'll be ready for video meetings with your clients, property owners, and tenants. Getting dressed in the morning also puts your brain into "work" mode, so you are ready for a productive day!

  • Plan out and structure your days. When you work remotely in Mexico or other "virtual" locations, it can be easy for the hours to get away from you! Use to-do lists and set goals. Develop a daily schedule that includes break times and between blocks of time to focus on your work. The more you build structure into your schedule, the less likely you will be sidetracked.

Staying organized with a professional mindset throughout the day helps you deliver excellent work for your property management clients! 

Set Yourself Up With the Right Equipment 

It might be hard to believe, but it is possible to be a successful property management professional from anywhere in the world! Serving property owners and tenants in areas where you don't live is possible with the right equipment and technology. 

People sometimes think of remote jobs as working on the couch or from their bed. However, the most successful property management virtual assistants are more productive when they work at a "proper" workstation (with a desk and a chair) when working at home.

Creating a dedicated home office space specifically for your work and nothing else will mean fewer distractions. Find an empty room, closet, or corner in your home, and turn that into your work area. Make sure you have a computer set up that works reliably every day. You'll also need high-speed internet, a webcam for video meetings, and familiarity with property management software and other technology commonly used in the industry.

Build Your Credentials and Commit to Ongoing Education

When you are serious about a career as a virtual assistant in the property management industry, building your credentials is an excellent way to stand out from other VAs in the market. Start by looking into property management certification courses for individuals, which will take your education and expertise to the next level.

Getting a certification isn't necessarily required for all jobs, but it will give you a leg up over other candidates when you start applying for jobs. If you're not sure where to find the right training to boost your experience, choose a property management job hub that also provides ongoing training opportunities for virtual assistants! 

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Be Available and Do Excellent Work

Being a successful contractor includes professionalism, attitude, teamwork, and being present when you are at work. When you're "on the clock," it's critical to show up (even if your office is just down the hall from your bedroom)! 

Be available for your clients while maintaining a work-life balance by:

  • Setting a work schedule and maintaining "office hours."

  • Leaving the household chores until "office hours" are over. 

  • Letting yourself "off the clock" when your workday is over. 

Delivering excellent work while maintaining a healthy work-life balance is an important part of your success when you work remotely in Mexico! 

Get Ready for Success When You Work Remotely in Mexico (or Anywhere)!

Working remotely can be a significant lifestyle change from being in an office, but you can maintain a work-life balance and deliver quality work as a remote working expert! Apply these tips to build a career that allows you to work remotely in Mexico (or anywhere) in the property management industry.

VPM Solutions helps virtual assistants build a career and stay in demand. With direct access to property managers seeking remote contractors and ongoing training, finding consistent work that meets your lifestyle is as easy as getting started!

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