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How Virtual PM Solutions Saves You Money When Your Hire a Virtual Assistant

Saving money on good help means your property management business experiences a better bottom line. However, many business owners stick to an old-school way of hiring on-site personnel when it's time to staff up or find new talent. 

Expanding your workforce to meet current client demands or add more doors doesn't require more people working (physically) within your office space. Most often, outsourcing work to a remote team member saves personnel budget dollars while increasing productivity and serving clients better.

When you hire a virtual assistant from a property-management-specific job hub like Virtual PM Solutions, does it really save you money? Yes! Here's how.

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Waste No Time

Ramping up a new employee can take considerable time before they're actively and productively contributing to the company's workload. There's new-hire paperwork, orientation meetings, welcome packages to read through, benefit sign-ups, and initiation into company policies, rules, and requirements.

Most new employees spend their first few days (or weeks) learning the ropes, getting logged into the company-issued laptop, and finding the copy room and supply closet for paperclips and post-it notes. While it's critical to onboard new employees appropriately, the new-hire process doesn't always contribute to client work or ease workloads for other team members for quite some time. 

When you hire a virtual assistant from a job hub that specializes in property management talent, you get to skip most of the "new-hire" stuff and get your new remote team member right to work. Your VA doesn't need:

  • To learn how to work with a company-issued laptop. They have their own office equipment.
  • New-hire paperwork. They won't be an "employee" that requires a W-2, insurance, or other benefits.
  • Orientation for office policies or procedures. They work virtually from their home or office. 
  • To know where the copier is. They might never set foot in your office space—and that's okay. 

Without spending time (or money) on these "overhead" tasks and resources, your virtual assistant is ready to get to work with tasks that help fill the role you need and support your business. Property management business owners don't have to waste any time getting an employee "ready to work." Your VA is ready from the start!

Well-Trained Talent Improves Productivity (From the Start)

Partnering with Virtual PM Solutions gives you instant access to a pool of talented property management VAs. We vet every available virtual assistant in our system to help you find the ideal hire for your needs. That means you won't have to spend time or budget dollars training a new hire to get up-to-speed on the property management tasks you need them to tackle.

Our VA base also has access to ongoing training to keep them informed and working as a valuable asset to your company. When we offer the sharpest property management talent in the market, business owners don't waste any money on training before a new employee can contribute the right knowledge and skills to boost your company's productivity. 


Only Pay for What You Need

We mentioned that property management virtual assistants don't need everything that a full-time employee needs. Without the costs associated with insurance benefits, office space and equipment, and common payroll elements, you save moneywhile still receiving the amount of work you need to fill a role. 

Whether it's a part-time or full-time position, that means property management business owners only pay for the work they need. Nothing extra!

Virtual PM Solutions has a checks-and-balances system to make sure VAs deliver quality work and exactly what you need when tackling assignments or tasks. Company owners only pay for the time a virtual assistant works on your business. There are no additional expenses for a VA's equipment, insurance, or other benefits that go into the payroll for your full-time staff employees. Property managers get full-time talent without full-time costs! 

Find Talent At the Right Rates

With our platform, you also have the flexibility to negotiate rates or find VAs that fall within your target pay rates. Manage your budget without sacrificing work quality! You'll know who you've hired and what to expect when your hire a virtual assistant through Virtual PM Solutions. You'll also enjoy the savings to your staffing budget while your business (and efficiency) grow!

Virtual assistants are an excellent way to save money without sacrificing the quality of services you deliver to clients. Find highly-skilled property management talent without the burden of high overhead costs, and benefit from remote help that's ready and able to make positive contributions to efficient operations right away.

Hire a Virtual Assistant A Cut Staffing Costs (With Top Talent)

Having top talent and better efficiency with cost savings doesn't have to be a dream that never comes true! We help make it a reality for a property management business. When you're ready to staff up, spend less on the staffing resources you need when you hire a virtual assistant with Virtual PM Solutions.

Let us help you get started, and be sure to download our free resource, "The Definitive Guide to Hiring a Virtual Assistant."

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