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    What Can Property Managers Do to Work Remotely In Mexico?

    Updated March 8, 2022

    Are you in the market for a career change? Have you ever considered what it would be like to have a career that is entirely a remote working position? Do you think working as a property manager or with property management companies (anywhere in the world) could be fulfilling?

    If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading to learn more about the responsibilities of a virtual property management contractor while you work remotely in Mexico, or anywhere your travels take you!

    Productive businesswoman working on the beach

    Property Management Software Makes it Easy to Work Remotely

    Today's technology helps property management professionals manage properties from any location. Property management software with remote access can help you manage crucial tasks while also allowing you to work remotely in Mexico! Some software can even streamline communications between property management and tenants. 

    With the right tools and resources, you can tackle the following tasks for property management business owners!

    Schedule Maintenance and Property Inspections

    With secure online portals, tenants have access to maintenance request forms online. International virtual assistants will receive repair requests from a renter and coordinate the solution with the appropriate service provider when the software system alerts you to a request. 

    Scheduling property inspections from a remote location means you can keep inspections on schedule no matter where you are. Renters and vendors can respond to scheduling links to coordinate inspections and repairs. 

    Collecting and Processing Rent Payments

    Remote property management naturally comes with built-in challenges, but collecting rent payments doesn't have to be one of them. The convenience of electronic payment methods will not only be something you can handle while you work remotely in Mexico; they are also a benefit to tenants. 

    Digital payments can also serve as a lower-cost alternative, as they make it easier for you to remind tenants with the click of a button. Rather than spending time dealing with tenants giving you "I put it in the mail three days ago" excuses, electronic rent payments help you streamline your collection process by sending automatic reminders and processing payments digitally. 

    Processing Applications and Screening Tenants

    Processing applications for potential tenants is easy to tackle from any remote working location when accepting applications through email or online. When screening applications, is also simple to use online resources that help you keep an eye out for potential red flags on tenant applications.

    After receiving the application and reviewing the tenant screening documents and verifying your potential renter's information, it's also convenient to conduct tenant interviews using video meeting technology. While it's important to meet potential tenants "in person" during the screening process, you don't have to leave your location while you work remotely in Mexico to meet prospective renters!

    Conducting Virtual Property Showings

    As a remote property manager, you can use virtual showing software to walk through a rental with potential tenants. There's no need to delay a showing because you aren't in the same location as the property when it's time to show it off to new tenants. Virtual showing software allows property management virtual assistants to work around the schedules of your next tenants to visit the property and continue the screening process. 

    Be sure to use your property management software tools to schedule contractors to clean and prepare a rental "in real life" before your next virtual showing! 

    Paying Bills and Running Financial Reports for Property Owners

    Property management software can help you keep track of deposits, rent payments, maintenance costs, and payments to vendors with powerful accounting tools. The right online financial management resources allow you to track income and expenses, prevent clerical errors, make payments as necessary, and even set up an automatic late payment schedule (so you don't have to keep track of who owes what). 

    Property management virtual assistants can keep payments to property owners happening on time, as well. The right resources help you process rental payments remotely, then deliver payments to investors. You'll also be able to store receipts that can come in handy at tax time and view on-demand financial reports, such as rent estimate reports. Property owners can depend on you to handle every financial detail while you work remotely in Mexico!

    Business woman climbing up on hand drawn staircase concept

    Work Remotely in Mexico With the Right Property Management Job Search Site!

    Property management software makes it very easier to manage properties remotely—but you aren't yet on your way to a virtual assistant career in property management. With the right property management job search site for independent contractors, you can find plenty of opportunities to build your career while you work remotely in Mexico or anywhere in the world!

    Virtual PM Solutions is the best resource to find property management clients with the technology and opportunities you need to work remotely as a contractor. Get ready to start working remotely and take your job wherever you go when you create a profile on our platform and gain access to property managers with hiring needs—both near and far! It's time to get started.

    Learn more about starting your career as a virtual assistant when you download a free copy of "Launching Your Career as a Property Management Virtual Assistant."

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