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    Need a VA But Don't Know Where to Start? Try Our White Glove Service

    Many things go into running a successful property management company. One of the most critical aspects is hiring the right people to help you. This is where a virtual assistant can help. However, hiring a specialized virtual assistant is not an easy task, especially when you already have so many qualified candidates to evaluate and work on your plate. VPM Solutions' White Glove Service can help ease the process for property managers by guiding them through what they need to know about virtual assistants before deciding which one is best for their organization.

    Let's look at some of the ways the White Glove Service can help.

    What is the White Glove Service?

    The VPM Solutions platform was built to self-fulfill, like Uber or Doordash. However, we understand that hiring a virtual assistant to fill a job role in your business is not the same as ordering a pickup or food delivery. Hiring the right person is paramount to the success of your organization.  

    The White Glove Service is a FREE service to companies where one of our onboarding specialists will guide you through the hiring process. 

    Student working on laptop in library-1

    Benefits of the White Glove Service

    When you log into VPM Solutions, you will see thousands of virtual assistant profiles. This can become overwhelming. Our White Glove Service team will show you best practices in utilizing the platform to reduce the noise and find the best candidates, who can perform all the tasks necessary for your job role.

    Many small business owners do not have much experience hiring team members—especially independent contractors. They build job descriptions that do not attract top candidates. They do not know to hire on core values, utilize personality profiles, or create the right red tape to reduce the time it takes to hire the perfect team member. They spend hours interviewing people that they have no intention of hiring.

    With the VPM White Glove Service, our team will meet with you and guide you to attract top candidates and reduce your total time to hire. Typically, clients that use the White Glove Service fill jobs within two weeks with less than five hours of total time.

    How to Use the White Glove Service

    The process to find your next virtual assistant is easy on the VPM Solutions platform. Here are the steps:

    • Create a free profile on and schedule a meeting with our white glove specialist. 

    • Create a job description. If you do not have one created, you can use one from our library and modify it as needed.

    • Meet with the White Glove Specialist. In the first meeting, the objective is to review your profile and job description and post a job. You have the option to meet with your White Glove Service specialist as many times as you need.

    • Invite candidates, receive applications, and meet with our team to review and message candidates.

    • Interview candidates and hire.


    We made it extremely easy to hire a virtual assistant to do administrative tasks and more for you to help your property management company grow.

    How Can I Find Out More?

    Utilizing the VPM Solutions platform is a great way to find your next virtual assistant. Thousands of qualified candidates are available on our platform, and our White Glove Service team can help you reduce the noise and find the best candidate for your specific job role.

    Our onboarding specialists will guide you through the hiring process so that you can attract top candidates and reduce your total time to hire. If you're interested in learning more about how we can help you find your next virtual assistant, please contact us today!

    Contact Us Today!