How to Manage Your Remote Team Member: Steps to Success

The modern real estate landscape is more competitive than ever before. So many changes are taking place in the industry, such as the rise of real estate virtual assistants as vital team members for many companies. These assistants are well-trained to handle industry-specific tasks, such as creating and managing property listings and coordinating real estate transactions. 

With a virtual assistant, you can stay on top of your game as a property owner. However, there is a caveat: you can only reap the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant if you manage them successfully. 

Managing your virtual assistant well goes a long way toward saving time and boosting your company's productivity and growth long term. Therefore, today we share insights into some best practices for managing remote teams for success!

Learning the Best Practices for Managing Your Virtual Assistant

Once you hire a virtual assistant, they can become an integral part of your real estate business. To manage them well, focus on good communication, setting and adhering to expectations, and good training! 

Define Roles and Expectations

What are your VAs responsibilities? You outlined some critical tasks and expectations in the job description before hiring your virtual assistant. However, soon after adding a new remote assistant to your team, take time to clearly define their role, tasks, and expectations for success. 

Start by listing the tasks you would like them to handle. Then let them know other expectations that go beyond simply completing tasks, such as meeting deadlines, attending Zoom meetings, and working during your office business hours (regardless of their location).  

You should also define their job purview and chain of command so there is no confusion about what they can and cannot do as part of your team. When virtual assistants understand their roles well, they will likely exceed expectations (much like anyone else on your team). 

Communicate Effectively

Your virtual assistant is undoubtedly good at a lot of things, but reading minds is not one of them. Therefore, real estate professionals must develop clear lines of communication and provide avenues for VAs to stay in touch.  

For example, you must be reachable if they have questions. In addition, for effective remote teamwork, a virtual assistant needs access to sending and receiving emails and any instant messaging systems your company uses to connect with the team. Employee chatting with remote team on video call

It is worth noting that giving and receiving feedback is also part of good communication. Set routine times to check in with your virtual contracts, let them know how they're doing or where they could improve, and listen to their concerns or feedback about their roles or tasks. 

Help Them Feel Like Part of the Team

Sometimes, it's easy to overlook team building with virtual assistants outside your team or company due to their remote location. Unfortunately, that can lead to pain points and frustration in not feeling like part of the company or team. 

That's why keeping virtual team members connected with your team is paramount. For instance, make sure they have opportunities to participate in virtual activities with your onsite employees and other remote assistants. Add them to your website and include them in company updates. Finally, show appreciation for jobs well done!

Train Them Adequately

Even though you specifically hire a real estate virtual assistant, that doesn't mean you should skip onboarding and training. Even with industry-specific skills, you and your VAs can benefit from company-specific training to help them integrate into your brand and vision. In addition, there is a possibility that you do things differently from how they did for other similar companies. 

Besides showing them the ropes, the onboarding process lets them get acquainted with your hybrid remote environment. Then, when the training period is over, remember to start small to help your VA ramp up well. Starting with tasks that help them learn is an ideal way to help them become more productive more quickly. 

Don't Be Afraid to Give Honest Feedback

As the leader of a real estate business, you must ensure each member of your team is effective and efficient with their time and their work. Because these remote team members are not in the office to be directly supervised, it is important to monitor their workflow and maintain a high quality of deliverable items. Feedback

Again, constructive feedback is crucial to optimize your use of virtual assistants for your company. When choosing quality VAs, you'll find they work hard and want to do an excellent job. Giving good feedback helps your remote team improve and become better assets for your company. 

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