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    6 Tips to Help Remote Teams Manage Their Time for Better Productivity

    Building a virtual team is not just a trend but a necessity for many property management businesses. This innovative approach allows companies to tap into global talent pools and optimize their operations. For property managers, virtual assistants (VAs) can play a pivotal role — maybe even more roles than you think! 

    While the merits of property management virtual assistants are numerous, the cornerstone of their success lies in managing them well.

    One dimension of managing a virtual team that often gets overlooked is empowering these professionals to manage their time better. By mastering time management, remote teams can enhance their productivity, bringing more value to their role and the businesses they support. 

    What can you do to help your virtual team members manage their time well? Keep reading for six tips!

    Tip 1 — Make a List and Prioritize Each Daily Task

    Establishing a routine for a property management virtual assistant is crucial for seamless workflow and maximum productivity. One of the most effective strategies is encouraging them to draft a to-do list every morning or even the preceding night. This simple practice offers numerous benefits.

    Primarily, a to-do list presents a clear snapshot of the tasks awaiting attention. It eradicates ambiguity, ensuring that your virtual assistants are fully aware of their responsibilities for the day. As they jot down tasks, it helps them mentally organize their day, allocating resources and time appropriately.

    Moreover, a well-structured to-do list allows virtual assistants to categorize tasks based on their importance and urgency. This proactive approach means that high-priority assignments are addressed promptly, ensuring timely completion and delivery. Such categorization prevents last-minute rushes and the stress associated with them.

    Furthermore, as they progress through their list, property management virtual assistants can derive satisfaction from ticking off completed tasks. This boosts morale and gives a tangible sense of achievement, motivating them to maintain their momentum. 

    If you use a task management software system, encourage your remote team members to base their to-do lists on upcoming tasks to keep projects on schedule. 

    Time Management written on a board with tips, better time management for remote teams conceptTip 2 — Apply Time Blocking

    Time blocking is a strategic approach to managing time, where specific time periods are allocated to distinct tasks. 

    This method is particularly advantageous for remote teams who often grapple with the challenges of varied distractions and the absence of a structured office environment. By assigning designated time slots for particular activities, virtual assistants are better equipped to stay focused on the task at hand, reducing the chances of multitasking or drifting to unrelated chores.

    Moreover, this system allows them to create a steady workflow. By having a set start and end time for tasks, there's a clear structure to the day. This rhythm can significantly improve concentration and the quality of work produced. 

    Additionally, time blocking instills a sense of discipline, ensuring virtual assistants remain accountable for their time. It encourages them to evaluate the time they spend on each task, optimizing their work patterns over time. 

    When managing virtual team members, encourage them to literally block their time for tasks or activities on a calendar, like a Google calendar. This will allow you to see how they structure their time during the day and sync what you see with output and logged hours for tasks. 

    Tip 3 — Designate Office or Workspace

    While a VA may enjoy the flexibility of working from home (or anywhere), the importance of a designated office space for optimal productivity cannot be overstressed. Such a space serves as a professional sanctuary, distinct from the casual ambiance of other home areas. 

    This workspace must remain free from distractions like television noise, family interactions, or household chores. Such a clear boundary ensures that the VA can concentrate wholly on their assignments.

    A clutter-free and well-organized office setup can further enhance a VA's productivity. Being in an environment designed for work can mentally gear them up, reinforcing the distinction between leisure and work time. 

    This physical demarcation can also help in maintaining work-life balance. The act of entering their workspace can serve as a psychological cue, signaling the start of a focused and productive workday. 

    If you notice a virtual assistant working with too many distractions, like people, kids, or other activities, encourage them to find a space they can designate daily for their job during working hours. 

    Tip 4 — Set Working Hours and Stick to Them

    Working remotely offers flexibility, but it's a common misconception that it translates to an "always-on" work mode. Your remote team members are no exception to this. 

    It's crucial for VAs to delineate clear working hours and be disciplined in sticking to them. By having set start and end times, VAs can mentally segregate professional tasks from personal time, ensuring they don't get overwhelmed or burnt out.

    This disciplined approach is not solely for the benefit of the VA. It also offers clarity for those they collaborate with, such as your in-house team and property managers. When there's a defined window of availability, it streamlines communication and coordination. Managers can plan meetings, assign tasks, and set expectations based on the VA's working hours.

    When choosing virtual assistants in different time zones than yours, requesting that they work during your office hours is common. This ensures they are available when your team works and when your property owners, tenants, and vendors are most likely to need assistance. 

    Tip 5 — Provide the Best Resources

    Effective time management software and other crucial resources can be a game-changer when helping virtual team members optimize their time. These innovative tools have revolutionized how virtual assistants approach their tasks. With functionalities that allow tracking of tasks, setting pertinent reminders, and assessing productivity metrics, these software solutions empower VAs to optimize their work routines.

    By offering a holistic view of dedicated hours, tasks undertaken, and projects in progress, these tools give virtual assistants and property managers a clear picture of a remote team's work patterns. This data-driven approach facilitates an understanding of areas of excellence and those that might require improvement. 

    Should there be any disparities between the expected output and the time invested (i.e., is your VA really working), it becomes an indicator. It might suggest that there might be inefficiencies or perhaps challenges for your virtual assistant. 

    Tip 6 — Prioritize Self-Care

    A virtual assistant's mental and physical health plays a pivotal role in determining their overall productivity and efficiency. Tired and stressed virtual team members won't deliver at their best. 

    Being in a remote work environment can sometimes blur the lines between professional and personal time. Therefore, it's essential that VAs incorporate regular breaks into their schedule. These intermittent pauses can rejuvenate the mind, reducing the risk of burnout. 

    Additionally, incorporating physical activities, whether it's a brief walk or a short workout, can enhance focus and energy levels. Mental wellness exercises, such as meditation or deep breathing techniques, further bolster resilience and concentration. 

    By prioritizing their well-being, virtual assistants enhance their work performance and contribute more effectively to their teams and clients, creating a cycle of positivity and increased efficiency.

    Smiling young man working at a laptop, managing virtual team members conceptVPM Solutions Helps Manage Virtual Team Time and Productivity

    It's crucial to remember that managing virtual teams goes beyond just assigning tasks. Better productivity doesn't always come naturally, even with the best VAs in the property management industry. 

    At VPM Solutions, we understand the intricate dynamic of completing tasks, managing time effectively, and caring for remote team members to keep them working at their best. Our platform makes it effortless for property managers to review timesheets, engage with their VAs, and validate hours worked. This ensures that both parties are on the same page, fostering a better working relationship.

    Build and Manage the Best Remote Teams With VPM Solutions

    Are you considering adding a virtual assistant to your team? Or do you have a few property management virtual assistants who need to improve how they work for your company? VPM Solutions can help!

    Make sure you have a Free Company Profile with VPM Solutions. As the foremost workforce-outsourcing solution in the property management and real estate sectors, we are committed to connecting you with proficient VAs for diverse roles, from marketing to bookkeeping and more. 

    You can also optimize your virtual team management with the insights in our free resource, "The Ultimate Guide to Managing Property Management Virtual Assistants."