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    Find a Property Management Virtual Assistant (With Less Work)

    Published April 13, 2021. Updated August 16, 2023.

    One of the many amazing things that technology today can do is allow you to find a property management virtual assistant who lives anywhere in the world to work with your company as an independent contractor.

    Choosing remote team members saves you from needing to provide office space or benefits that a full-time assistant would receive. However, the process of finding one and building your team shouldn't be more work than the workload you already have on your plate!

    A virtual assistant (VA) can help you with tedious or routine tasks, freeing up your time for more crucial to-dos. With the help of the right VA, property management companies are more efficient, and you can spend your time growing your business.

    So, how do you find and manage your virtual assistant without creating another task for yourself? Here are a few tips!

    Relaxed businessman working with a laptop, property management virtual assistant concept.

    Your Virtual Assistant for Property Management Should Take Work Off Your Plate

    If you have to micro-manage your virtual assistant, you're not taking any work off your plate.

    When reviewing candidates and choosing the best one for your virtual team, make sure that your VA can handle the tasks you need them to handle with minimal supervision (and excellence). A capable and trustworthy virtual assistant should be able to own their tasks and work independently without constant supervision: 

    Some of the most common (and helpful) tasks property management virtual assistants can do for property managers include:

    • Answering phone calls for you, even when the rest of your property manager staff is asleep! Having 24/7 availability can set you apart from the competition and benefit your tenants. If your VA is in another time zone or is available for weekend and evening hours, let them take emergency phone calls and handle tenant requests. 

    • Managing maintenance requests. The right property management VA understands your software and the property management business. They can receive maintenance requests, speak with tenants to understand the problem, then schedule contractors to deliver prompt repairs. 

    • Processing rental applications. With the right technology, the tenant application and screening processes can all be done online. Your VA can review applications, check references as they come in, and then provide you with a shortlist of excellent candidates. A skilled virtual assistant can also run your tenant screening process to place excellent tenants in the properties under your management. 

    • Various administrative day-to-day tasks. Property management virtual assistant tasks don't have to be strictly "property management." A virtual contractor can improve internal business operations, maintain complex schedules, and manage the administrative support that boosts the growth of your business.

    • Lease creation and lease renewal. VAs can prepare new leases, monitor renewals, and work with tenants to sign a new lease. 

    • Marketing for rental properties. Creating and posting listings on rental search websites are excellent tasks for a remote team member!

    When you choose a property management VA with the right skills, these tasks are only the beginning of what they can do for you! As you learn the capabilities of your virtual team member, they can take on more tasks and become a valuable part of your organization. 

    Businessman stressed out at work, find a virtual assistant for property management concept.

    Don't Micromanage (But Don't Be too 'Hands-Off,' Either)

    Balancing your management style between micromanaging and being too "hands-off" will come as you learn to trust your VA to handle everything on their plate.

    When adding a virtual assistant for property management to your team, they should be able to work independently while staying on-task and meeting deadlines. However, it's essential to check in and make sure your VA meets your expectations — without spending too much of your valuable time checking in on their progress.  

    The goal of choosing a VA as an independent contractor is to increase productivity while managing workloads for your team (including yours)! When you micro-manage, you lose the free time you gain with an effective virtual assistant on your team. 

    How to Manage Your Virtual Team Member

    Being a good leader for your remote team requires a few intentional steps. These aspects of your role to help VAs succeed should include:

    • Scheduling regular check-ins so you can address any issues your virtual assistant may encounter.

    • Ensuring they have enough training to work without your property management software systems and understand your processes and operations. Most VAs are self-motivated to work hard for their clients. However, making sure they have the right resources can help them deliver excellent work for your company. 

    • Using Slack or a task management system to stay in touch with your VA and monitor work. Even a remote team needs a "headquarters." Teams can use Slack to brainstorm, ask each other questions, or pass files back and forth, among other uses. You can also use a project management system to manage tasks and baselines.

    Adjusting some of how you manage team members to include remote team members helps you grow a successful hybrid team of virtual contractors and in-house employees.

    Don't Worry About Equipment

    VAs are ready to work and equipped with everything they need to perform their work. It's one of the best perks of choosing a virtual assistant! They provide their own laptops, monitors, internet services, and webcam to complete their tasks.

    Since you won't need to purchase a laptop or high-speed internet for your virtual contractor, you save money on overhead costs.

    Find a Virtual Assistant Through the Right Outsourcing Solution

    So, where do you find a skilled virtual property management assistant without creating more work for yourself? The hiring process for an in-person employee can take weeks (or months) and require multiple interviews while hoping the local candidates can fill a role effectively.

    However, finding the best VA for a role should be (and is) much simpler and faster, especially when property managers start with the best workforce outsourcing platform!

    Working through VPM Solutions gives you access to thousands of virtual assistants for property management. It's possible to sign up for a Free Company Profile, post a job description, and review top candidates to choose your first VA within hours (not days, weeks, or months).

    We understand what a property manager needs in good talent to grow a business, so we've built a platform that takes the hassle and time-consuming aspects out of finding skilled team members to scale a company's operations.

    It's Time to Find a Property Management Virtual Assistant!

    A good VA will be easy to manage, ramp up quickly, and help balance the workloads for your property management company. However, the first step is to find one!

    If you've never explored the idea of a virtual assistant, now's the time! VPM Solutions, a property management remote job placement website, can help you find a property management virtual assistant to take work off of your plate — without requiring a significant amount of time you don't have to choose a new team member.

    We specialize in qualified, skilled remote workers for the property management industry! Get started today by setting up your Free Company Profile.