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Google Sheets For Property Management Virtual Assistants

Solid processes are the foundation of any relationship between a property management company and a remote assistant. However, processes rely on two foundational strategies: the first is the proper training and direction, and the second is providing the correct tools to get the job done. 

Google Sheets is one of the leading tools for virtual assistant success in property management. Therefore, in this blog, we'll dive into everything you need to know about Google Sheets as a property management virtual assistant tool, plus an essential strategy to work with Google Sheets so your new virtual assistant can hit the ground running.

What Is Google Sheets?

Google sheets is a spreadsheet software tool that is part of the collaborative Google Workplace collection. 

Google Sheets is set apart by a few distinguishing features

  • It's highly collaborative as it works across several devices and is not location dependent

  • It's a free tool, as all you need to get started is a Google account

  • It can be shared with several team members who can edit and update the data in real-time

  • It's integrative with other essential tools, such as Google Slides

  • There are several add-ons available to boost efficiency 

If you've been hesitant to switch from Microsoft Excel or similar software options, Google Sheets is a smart move for your property management business!

View from above of Man typing with credit card and using PC for online shopping

How Can a Property Manager Benefit From Google Sheets?

Let's look at some fundamental ways property managers benefit from using Google Sheets. 

Real-Time Data 

One of the best features of Google Sheets is the ability to share documents with team members just like you would a Google Doc. Due to this, there's no waiting for approval, requesting changes, and going back and forth. 

Instead, your VA can add data to the sheets, which will be reflected on your computer screen in real time. 

Analyze Data With the AI Feature 

Whether you want to fill data automatically, create formulas, or detect patterns in your sheets, the Google AI feature will help your VA scan and analyze data more efficiently.  

Secure Your Data 

As you may have imagined, Google houses world-class data centers and leading encryption processes to protect your data. Each sheet is automatically protected against threats such as spam phishing and malware. 

International Collaboration 

Due to real-time updates and collaborative features, your data processes can be updated from anywhere worldwide. As a result, it's the perfect system for overseas property management virtual assistants. 

How A Virtual Assistant Can Use Google Sheets

Empowering your property management virtual assistant with the right tools is the recipe for success. Here are a few ways a VA can use Google Sheets to boost your business. 

Manage Projects

Property management is a data-heavy industry. From tracking rental payments to managing maintenance invoices using Google Sheets, your virtual contractor can ensure all the moving parts stay on track. There are even several free templates that can be used to boost your project management processes. 

Creating Timesheets and Scheduling Appointments

Your VA can manage timesheets for remote and in-house staff members through a company-wide accessible Google sheet.  

In addition, virtual assistants can organize staffing and scheduling appointments through Google Sheets and automatically send these updates to the respective employee's Google calendars with an add-on. 

Managing Budget Items

Budget management is effortless with Google Sheets. Again, you can automate a large portion of this process with pre-set templates.

Must Know Google Sheet Terms

Train your remote assistant on a few key terms to enhance their efficiency when working in Google Sheets. These terms include: 

  • Worksheet: An individual spreadsheet or page in which you enter data

  • Spreadsheet: The whole document, which consists of several worksheets

  • Cell: Single data point in the sheet

  • Row: A horizontal set of cells

  • Column: A vertical group of cells

  • Range: Selection of cells

  • Function: Inbuilt processes within the tool that can calculate ranges, manipulate data, and more

  • Formula: A combination of cells, rows, columns, and ranges to determine a particular outcome

Attractive smiling young african woman working on laptop computer and using smartphone at the table at home4 Steps To Start A Google Sheet Project 

Work with your virtual property management assistant to start Google Sheets projects the right way. 

1. Open Spreadsheet and Enter Data 

After opening Google Drive, hit the "new" button with the Google multicolored X and select the sheet. From here, they can choose a blank page or a template, depending on the type of data entered. 

2. Organize Data For Easy Viewing

There are several different ways VAs can organize the data in Google Sheets. For example, they can sort alphabetically, by conditions, ascending and descending, or even hide some data points in the sheet. 

3. Use Built-In Formulas to Showcase Data Points

Use these time-saving shortcuts to make data and statistical extrapolation much easier. Whether you need to add up the total sum of rental income or find the highest value earner, you can manage these tasks with simple formulas. 

4. Backup and Allow Access to the Data 

Just like Google Docs, Google Sheets can be shared and synced with various users within your organization. When communicating with team members, remember to select who has access and whether they can edit the sheet. 

Find Property Management Virtual Assistants To Manage Your Google Sheets

Although Google Sheets is user-friendly, it can also have a steep learning curve. If you're looking for a virtual assistant ready to hit the ground running and take control of your data, search out available VAs through VPM Solutions. The right VAs are prepared to streamline your business and help you take control of your data so you can focus on growing your property management business. 

Get more free resources to find a VA with our "Real Estate Virtual Assistant Hiring Kit."

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