Can An Inside Sales Virtual Assistant Boost Your Real Estate Business?

The real estate industry is a lucrative business with excellent returns. However, if your business is booming (or you're ready to grow), you might have limited time to complete crucial tasks. 

Fortunately, you can count on a real estate virtual assistant to handle some work. 

Finding an assistant with top-notch skills for sales or marketing can be the support your sales team needs to handle more business. In this article, we'll talk about the benefits of a real estate VA for inside sales support, the tasks they handle, and what to look for when hiring one.

What Does an Inside Sales Virtual Assistant Do?

An inside sales virtual assistant can wear many hats, but ultimately they are a "right-hand person" for your sales team. 

In their role, they connect real estate businesses to prospective customers and clients, handle details like updating and delivering contracts and proposals, and scheduling for meetings — all while working remotely. 

The Perks of Hiring a Real Estate VA

Adding a VA to your inside sales team can help deliver essential services to support your company's growth. Here are a few ways remote team members can benefit your real estate business!

Time Savings

Finding a properly-trained VA with top skills and experience can be a significant time saver for sales reps within your company. A remote worker can perform administrative work and other low-level (yet crucial) tasks to help keep your sales team running efficiently to close new sales, find buyers, and show properties. You'll also have more time to devote to core business operations.

Boost Productivity

When you add a VA to your team, your employees can focus on other pertinent sales-related tasks. For example, virtual assistants can mind your sales pipeline, track emails and schedules, and ensure your sales team has the paperwork or information they need while key players concentrate on other vital tasks.Business people join hand together during their meeting

Minimize Labor Costs

Adding real estate virtual assistants to your team reduces labor expenses. Remote team members don't add some traditional costs related to taxes or employee benefits because of their remote working status. As they are contractors, you also don't provide equipment, office space, or other items requiring overhead expenses.

Building a virtual assistant team is one of the best ways to reduce payroll costs!

Streamline Sales Processes

With skilled virtual assistants as part of an inside sales team, real estate professionals can experience a streamlined sales process, fewer lost sales, and more capacity to take on new business! Optimizing your sales process with cost-effective workers helps improve your bottom line. 

What Tasks Can an Inside Sales VA Do?

A virtual assistant with the right experience and skills in sales can boost your company's revenue, but specifically, what can they do for your business? Here are crucial tasks they can perform.

Calling Warm and Cold Leads

A VA can call warm leads who already know about your products or services. Additionally, they can contact cold leads to talk about available properties or inquire about buyer needs. This task can be time-consuming, but delegating it to a VA makes it a more efficient process. 

Lead Generation

A sales virtual assistant can help generate leads from different channels, such as social media. In addition, your VA can track qualified leads through emails and referrals to help your sales reps convert those prospective clients into customers.

Manage Your Calendar

A virtual assistant can manage your calendar and set appointments to ensure you never miss a showing or meeting with buyers or sellers to close on a property! This allows you to meet with clients, facilitate negotiations, and present purchase offers without worrying about your schedule or double-booking.Calendar Agenda Appointment Schedule Concept

Screening and Nurturing Leads

Before your sales reps get involved, virtual assistants can screen leads to determine those who are highly interested in your product or service. They can review a buyer's budget or needs and timelines, along with nurturing potential customers with follow-up calls and persuasive emails.

What To Look for When Hiring a Real Estate VA

So, what should you look for when choosing a VA for inside sales? Here are six qualities to consider. 

  1. Excellent Communication Skills. Your VA will be handling emails and phone calls. That said, they should have excellent written and verbal communication skills.

  2. First-rate Customer Service Skills. Your VA should know how to answer questions and concerns from customers to help build relationships and close more sales. 

  3. Clear Understanding of the Sales Process. A competent VA should know how the sales process works for real estate and adapt quickly to the project management workflow of your organization. 

  4. Tech-savvy. Your real estate virtual assistant should be familiar with software and other tools your business uses. For instance, they should be comfortable using the VoIP phone system to call their leads. 

  5. Reliable Organizational Skills. Working with a remote team member means you may not be able to supervise your VA as closely as you can supervise in-office employees. However, they should still be able to organize and prioritize important tasks while working independently. 

  6. A Strong Level of Commitment. A committed VA becomes a valuable long-term asset for your sales team and company's growth!

Remember: not every VA has all of these skills. Find remote workers with most of the skills and qualities you need, then work through a virtual assistant platform offering free industry-related training to help your VA grow into their role!

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