4 Reasons Why Successful Companies Hire Real Estate Virtual Assistants

Successful companies in the real estate space want to ensure they're doing all they can to continue their success in the future. There are several ways they can do that, with one of the most significant ways involving hiring real estate virtual assistants.

Having the right team members is paramount for any real estate company due to the interactions with buyers, sellers, property owners, and tenants. Another reason it's essential for real estate companies to have good team members is that many details are involved in real estate transactions. The right team makes it easier to get everything done, increases peace of mind, and reduces the chances of anything going wrong with a transaction. 

Here's a look at why more companies are turning to VAs when building their workforces!

Defining The Role of a Real Estate VA

A real estate virtual assistant works in a remote setting and provides primary administrative support. These VAs typically have specific real estate experience, which reduces the learning curve and allows for less time spent training before they are valuable team members for your company. 

Remote team members who fit this category can help a real estate company expand its offerings and take on more clients, all while keeping quality high and providing significant value and customers.

Common Real Estate VA Tasks

While every company or real estate brokerage is different, and some VAs may have more tasks than others, the most common tasks for most real estate virtual assistants fall into some specific categories. Team working by group video call share ideas brainstorming negotiating use video conference-1

Finding remote workers who can handle these tasks and can offer guidance and information in other areas is extremely beneficial for any real estate broker.

 The most common tasks and skill sets found in their job descriptions include the following tasks:

  • Setting appointments for the broker and other real estate professionals

  • Providing basic bookkeeping services and administrative support in project management for the brokerage

  • Organizing, preparing, and posting information on social media

  • Designing graphics for logos, advertisements, listings, and other material

Naturally, the specific requirements of a real estate VA's job and the details of each task can vary. For real estate companies that want to bring on remote team members to do this kind of work, understanding what they'll be looking for is the first step. 

The Main Reasons Real Estate Companies Hire VAs

Now that you know a few things the right virtual assistants can do for your business, what are the best reasons to add them to your team? We've pulled together the four biggest reasons real estate professionals hire VAs.

1. An Increase in Productivity

Adding team members is one thing; adding productive team member takes your business to the next level! 

Productivity helps your business grow. Being productive also helps virtual assistants feel accomplished and advances long-term goals, plans, and dreams. A virtual team member can help brokers and other real estate professionals simplify project management, so everyone on the team gets more done.

2. A Focus on the Business Through Delegation

Delegating low-level tasks is an excellent way to find more time to focus on your business. When brokers can assign specific tasks to their remote teams, they can prioritize other areas where their presence is needed to keep the brokerage running and growing.

3. An Easier Ability to Scale 

Scaling your real estate company is easier with the right help. Whether it's through bringing in more real estate professionals, opening a new office location, or in some other ways, virtual team members can provide the needed support to help the business grow. 

4. A Way to Save Money

Saving money can push a real estate brokerage toward better bottom line results. Real estate VAs cost less than hiring more full-time employees. Further, they can be hired for a set number of hours or only for specific action items, making them a very versatile and cost-effective option for brokers and other real estate professionals.money in the glass with filter effect retro vintage style

VPM Solutions Delivers Real Estate Virtual Assistants for Any Reason!

If any of these reasons to work with VAs resonates with you and your business plans, the best way to find a virtual assistant is through VPM Solutions. Our Company Accounts feature makes it easy and convenient for owners to manage remote teams simultaneously. You can add VAs to your team, ensure they are compensated in different workspaces and departments, and quickly handle any issues in one location within the platform. 

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