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    10 Best New Features of the VPM Solutions 2.0 Platform Update for Property Management

    The VPM Solutions Platform is about to undergo a significant update! In this article, we highlight several exciting new features that will enhance the property management virtual assistant (VA) staffing and managing experience for client companies. 

    We listened to our client's feedback and considered every enhancement request, and we're so excited to highlight some of the exceptional features we have developed to elevate your experience when building your team of property management virtual assistants!

    With a focus on improving user-friendliness, efficiency, and collaboration, these updates empower property management professionals to streamline their processes, communicate effectively with remote team members, and achieve greater productivity. So, keep reading to learn more about the Top Ten new features of the VPM Solutions Platform and what you might be missing out on if you don't already have a Free Company Profile!

    1. We're Mobile Friendly

    With the new update, property managers will have the ability to access and manage their tasks from anywhere, thanks to the platform's mobile-friendly interface. The responsive design will ensure that users can easily navigate through the system, view job postings, communicate with team members, and access reports using their smartphones or tablets. 

    This feature will provide flexibility and convenience, enabling property managers to stay connected and make timely decisions, even while on the move.

    2. Our New Registration Screen Simplifies the Sign-Up Process

    The revamped registration screen will offer a smoother onboarding experience for new users. 

    The account setup process has been simplified, allowing users to choose their account type upfront, whether they are freelancers or companies. Additionally, the new registration screen will provide helpful information for those who are unsure about their account type, offering knowledge-based articles to assist them in making the right selection. 

    The improvements streamline the onboarding process, ensuring a seamless transition for new users.

    3. We Updated the VPM Academy to Elevate the Learning and Development Experience

    The VPM Academy, a crucial resource for skill development and training for each virtual assistant for property management, has received a significant overhaul!

    The VPM Academy will now feature a comprehensive recap that displays the total time spent and certificates earned by users. Furthermore, the addition of a team leaderboard will provide valuable insights into the progress and completion of courses by virtual assistants. This enhanced feature enables property managers to track their team's learning journeys effectively and identify areas for improvement, promoting continuous professional growth within the organization.

    As always, every course within the VPM Academy is free with an account! You'll even find courses for property managers in the Academy. 

    4. Faster Job Posting to Save Your Valuable Time and Effort

    Posting job openings has never been easier with the improved job posting feature. 

    The VPM Solutions Platform will offer pre-built templates categorized by job roles such as maintenance coordinator and marketing assistant. These templates automatically populate the job details, including tasks and titles, reducing the time and effort required to create job postings. 

    This time-saving feature will also provide companies with a clear understanding of the types of jobs typically handled by VPM Solutions, ensuring efficient communication and streamlined hiring processes. Whether your property management business needs a marketing assistant, maintenance coordinator, social media management, or help with leasing and renewals, starting with job templates makes your search and find process faster!

    5. Improved Reports to Enhance Visibility and Billing

    With this update, the VPM Platform will offer an all-inclusive reports section that provides users with improved visibility and billing information. 

    With the redesigned reporting feature, a property manager can quickly switch between weekly views, simplifying the process of analyzing data from different periods. Additionally, users will be able to generate itemized bills that display daily time logs, fulfilling the request for detailed billing information. The introduction of a payment status tracker will further streamline the payment process, empowering users to monitor their payments' progress effortlessly.

    6. Enhanced Payment Processing to Streamline Financial Transactions

    The updated payment processing feature will offer a more streamlined experience for companies and virtual assistants. 

    Property managers will be able to view upcoming payments, providing them with a clear overview of their financial obligations. Users will be able to conveniently filter and manage payments based on individual assistants or job categories, simplifying the payment process further. 

    Additionally, the new payment system will allow users to store multiple payment methods, providing flexibility and convenience for both parties involved.

    7. Bulk Edit Time Logs for Efficient Time Management

    To enhance time management capabilities, the VPM Solutions Platform will support bulk editing of time logs. 

    Property managers will be easily able to edit and manage multiple time logs simultaneously, saving significant time and effort when using our virtual property management services. 

    This feature will be particularly useful when reviewing and approving time entries for a large number of virtual assistants. It will allow property managers to streamline their workflow, ensuring accurate time tracking and efficient management of virtual teams.

    8. Improved Referral Earnings Utilization to Maximize Rewards

    VPM Solutions has significantly updated the referral earnings section, to provide users with better visibility and control over their referral rewards. 

    Users will be able to access a comprehensive report that details all referrals and their associated activities. Additionally, the ability to customize referral links and share them with others will allow users to maximize their referral earnings. This enhancement encourages active referral program participation, fostering collaboration and incentivizing users to expand the VPM Solutions community.

    9. New Side Panel Quick View for Convenient Information Access

    Introducing the new side panel quick view feature! The VPM Solutions Platform will offer a convenient way to access essential information quickly. 

    Property management companies will be able to quickly view at-a-glance details, allowing property managers to stay updated on key aspects of their virtual teams and streamline their management processes. Furthermore, the ability to leave notes on user profiles enhances communication and collaboration within the platform.

    10. Better Notifications for Enhanced Communication

    Effective communication is crucial for successful property management, especially when working with remote team members. The new VPM Solutions Platform will offer improved notification features to enhance communication between property managers and virtual assistants. 

    Users will receive timely notifications about upcoming payments, ensuring transparency and minimizing any confusion. The streamlined notification system will ensure property managers can easily stay informed and take necessary actions, fostering a productive and harmonious working environment.

    Bonus Feature: Emojis are Here

    We know sometimes an emoji says more than mere words can say. With this platform update, you'll be able to include emojis in comments and messages when using the platform to communicate with a virtual property management assistant! 

    Many emojis in a pile; use emojis to communicate with a property management virtual assistant Find Your Next Virtual Assistant for Property Management

    This VPM Solutions Platform's update introduces a range of new features designed to enhance the property management virtual assistant experience. From mobile-friendly accessibility to streamlined job postings, improved reporting capabilities, and efficient payment processing, these updates have been designed to empower property managers to optimize their processes, collaborate effectively with remote team members, and achieve greater productivity. 

    With a focus on user-friendliness and enhanced communication, the VPM Solutions Platform continues to revolutionize the property management industry, providing innovative solutions for virtual team management. With these platform enhancements, it's now easier than ever to use the best self-service workforce outsourcing solution for the property management industry! 

    Not using VPM Solutions to find and staff virtual property management team members? Create your Free Company Profile through the VPM Solutions Platform and get started!