G Suite for Your Property Management Virtual Assistant

For anyone in the property management business, having the right tools is one of the biggest keys to success. Among those tools is G Suite (recently renamed as Google Workspace), which is a collection of software offered by Google. It was released more than a decade ago and has been adjusted and updated since that time. 

New features and options often appear, giving companies that use G Suite additional opportunities to get value from Google's offerings. With G Suite, you have everything you and your team need in one place. That makes collaboration and coordination much more convenient.

One of the ways you can benefit from everything G Suite has to offer is by letting your property management virtual assistant use it for many of the tasks they're responsible for in their day-to-day work. For example, as they help you with the property management lifecycle for properties under your management, a virtual assistant will need to process lease agreements, collect rent, schedule maintenance requests, coordinate move-in and move-out times, and more.

Here's what a property manager needs to know about using G Quite for their property management company (and what virtual assistants need to understand about how to use it). 

Why Do Property Managers Need G Suite?

Property managers need G Suite because it offers them many critical features they need to operate their business, all in one place. Using these resources also allows for collaboration with the rest of the team (including virtual contractors), so people can be out in the field or other locations and still interact with others in the office. 

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Whether you do everything in-house or hire remote virtual assistants, everyone needs access to the collaboration, education, business, and productivity tools that G Suite offers.

What Products Are Included in G Suite?

One of the biggest reasons people like G Suite so much is that it delivers many products bundled together. This makes it a convenient resource and reduces the need to bring in additional software or products that might not interact properly. The primary products offered within G Suite are:

  • Gmail: Google's email client makes emailing your team fast and efficient.

  • Drive: Google Drive offers cloud storage so that you can share items with others and control access.

  • Docs: Creating and sharing documents has never been easier with Google Docs, and you can easily share them since they save to Drive.

  • Sheets: This is the spreadsheet program. Property managers can create budgets, track progress, and more. 

  • Slides: Google Slides allows you to quickly and easily create presentations you can share with your team or clients.

  • Forms: This is the tool you're looking for to create web forms and surveys.

  • Calendar: Google's Calendar integrates with Gmail, so you can schedule everything you need and see open blocks on others' schedules, too.

  • Sites: You can easily use premade templates and landing pages to build sites and projects.

  • Hangouts: Google Hangouts is for messaging and communication, and it supports video, voice, and text conversations.

When you work with a property management virtual assistant, you can give them access to all of these tools, so they can handle everything you need them to do from just about anywhere in the world. 

What Can Remote Virtual Assistants Do With G Suite?

Your virtual assistant can do so much more when they have access to the right technology. If you want your remote virtual assistants to have plenty of options and abilities to handle tasks for their roles, then G Suite is right for you. 

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Since VAs aren't in the office with you, they need to be able to interact virtually with you and your team. They also need access to all the areas where you want them to work. Some of the things they can do in G Suite include:

  • Create templates that can be used for letters, emails, projects, listings, and even websites.

  • Use forms to collect feedback from tenants and owners to find out where improvements can be made.

  • Keep calendars updated so everyone on the team knows where they need to be and when.

  • Manage tasks for the team to keep everyone on track and moving in the right direction.

  • Create reports and updates to help you and your team see any areas that are being overlooked.

The right property management virtual assistants and the right tools are a great combination for your property management company and can make it easier than ever for you to see additional success. So whether you're looking to bring in more property owners or for quality tenants, G Suite is an ideal resource to grow your business! 

Train Your Property Management Virtual Assistant to Use G Suite Products

When hiring your property management virtual assistant, train them on how your company uses G Suite products. With a skilled VA and the right tools, you have the support you need to scale your business!

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