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    You Can Stop Overpaying for Talent: Virtual Assistant vs. Employee

    In today's competitive job market, finding the right talent can be a lengthy and expensive, especially in the real estate industry. As a result, many companies struggle to attract and retain skilled professionals, often resorting to overpaying for talent to fill roles. 

    However, with the rise of virtual assistants for real estate, this is no longer the case. There's no longer a need to overpay for talent to support your business and improve customer service! Keep reading to learn how choosing a virtual assistant vs. employee helps you stop overpaying for the talent you need.

    The #1 Misconception About Virtual Assistants

    You might have thought this yourself: virtual assistants aren't skilled enough to fill crucial roles in the U.S. for property management companies or real estate agencies. However, this simply isn't true! 

    With the growth of the virtual assistant industry, the quality and availability of highly-educated, industry-experienced talent has boomed. Property managers and real estate brokers no longer need to pass over a cost-effective option to fill roles quickly through virtual team members. 

    You now have more options, and you don't have to sacrifice quality or experience (or pay high salaries) to build your workforce for growth. Real estate virtual assistants, including a commercial real estate virtual assistant, are highly trained and capable professionals who can offer a wide range of services. 

    With a resource like VPM Solutions, you have access to thousands of virtual assistants to find exactly the skills, pay rate, and experience you need to scale your business quickly. 

    Real estate virtual assistants are a viable option for quality talent to fill crucial rolesYou're Not Stuck With Local "Talent"

    Have you ever settled for a new hire because you just couldn't wait any longer to get someone in that seat? Unfortunately, when restricting your hiring location, you're stuck with the best of whoever is local rather than having access to thousands of talented workers who just don't happen to live nearby. 

    This can mean waiting weeks or months to find the right person in your area to fill a role. It can also mean making compromises on the experience or qualification preferences you want to find someone who might be an "okay" fit for the role because you can't afford to wait any longer for someone better. 

    However, by choosing virtual teams, you open your team building "location" to "worldwide" instead of limiting your talent pool to whoever can commute to your offices locally. This means you have more options to find exactly the person you need to fill a role. You'll also pay less for the talent you need since most VAs working in other countries have lower salary requirements than employees in the U.S.

    Cost Savings and Flexibility: A More Cost-Effective Solution

    A lower salary is just one way property management virtual assistants help companies experience cost savings

    Hiring an employee in-house can be expensive, as it requires paying for office space, equipment, and benefits. On the other hand, virtual assistants work remotely and are typically paid on an hourly or project basis, making them a more cost-effective solution. They also do not require traditional employee benefits or company-provided office space or equipment to do their jobs. 

    Additionally, virtual assistants are highly flexible, allowing real estate professionals to scale their workforce up or down depending on their needs. Depending on the role and your budget, you can add part-time, full-time, or project-by-project remote assistants to your team. 

    Real Estate Virtual Assistants are a Viable Option

    If you've never considered virtual contractors before, it might take a little "outside of the box" thinking. Then, once you realize that virtual assistants are real people who work in different countries and cultures, they become a viable workforce option for your company. 

    However, when you realize the cost savings of choosing virtual assistants vs. employees to fill crucial roles, the choice becomes simpler!

    Virtual assistants can handle many tasks you might think should be reserved for in-house employees, like transaction coordination, maintenance coordination, marketing assistance, leasing and renewals, listings management, social media management, calendar management, and more. The cost savings for outsourcing tasks to virtual talent vs. hiring W-2 employees to handle these tasks can be significant!

    Building a team with a virtual assistant vs. employee can lead to significant cost savingsChoose a Virtual Assistant vs. Employee Through VPM Solutions

    Overpaying for talent stops with the right remote assistant. Virtual assistants for real estate and property management offer a cost-effective, flexible, and highly skilled solution for property managers and real estate professionals. Additionally, by working through VPM Solutions, real estate professionals can access a vast pool of industry-trained talent without incurring the cost of hiring an employee in-house. 

    So, don't limit your talent pool to just your local area. Instead, expand your hiring location and find the right talent for your business while reducing costs and improving productivity! 

    Ready to learn what we mean by "significant" cost savings? Find out how much you could save with our Free Financial Impact Calculator.