7 Tips to Get Hired Quicker As a Property Management Virtual Assistant

Updated November 1, 2022.

The real estate industry will always be a place in need of quality property management professionals. With that being said, there are a lot of property management virtual assistant jobs out there! However, it can be challenging to find the perfect remote working opportunity if you don't know where to look or how to stand out from other VAs in the marketplace. 

In this blog post, we will go over seven tips that can help you get hired quicker when looking for a property management virtual assistant role as an independent contractor!

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1. Find Your Niche (and Become Valuable)

If you've landed on property management as the industry where you want to work, make yourself valuable! Study the real estate industry, find the roles that work best based on your skills and experience, and concentrate on open positions within that real estate business niche. 

When you're the best at what you do (and what property managers need), you'll be an in-demand virtual assistant that companies can't do without. Take the time to learn your craft, hone your skills, and help yourself stand out among other potential VAs. 

2. Create a Profile That Stands Out

You might be the best available VA on property management virtual assistant websites, but if companies can't find your profile, you won't get hired. An eye-catching profile needs plenty of substance to impress potential hiring managers. 

Study other VA profiles that catch your eye, then make sure yours can compete. Be honest about your skills and the roles you're the best fit for, then make sure your talent and experience stand out in your profile.

3. Respond to Property Management Virtual Assistant Job Postings Quickly

Are you actively looking for a new role as a virtual real estate assistant? Or, did you post your profile and forget about it, hoping that companies will start reaching out to you. 

Getting hired quicker requires engagement on your part. If you aren't checking on your VPM Solutions profile and available job postings every day (if not multiple times throughout the day), you're missing out on excellent job opportunities! With an in-demand industry like property management, the best virtual jobs will go to contractors who are proactive about their job search and respond quickly to job postings. 

4. Be Available

If you're never available when potential property management businesses want to interview you, you'll never connect with your next role. Even if you're in a different time zone than the "home base" for a company, make sure you're available when they schedule an interview. 

Becoming a VA for a property management company requires real-time interaction. Even with the best virtual assistant websites like VPM Solutions, a real estate property manager probably won't hire you based on your profile alone. Be prepared for a job interview process, just like any in-person job or hiring process. 

5. Be Professional (from the Start)

Making a good first impression can lead to a new job right away! Take the time to check a few critical "professionalism" details when participating in job interviews or corresponding with potential property management companies:

  • Always maintain a professional tone in emails or messages through a virtual assistant job hub

  • Respond promptly to inquiries 

  • Check the background behind you before getting on a video interview with a potential company

  • Answer questions thoroughly and thoughtfully

  • Be courteous and excited about the potential of working with a company

  • Dress professionally for a video interview 

  • Prepare questions to ask potential property management companies 

  • Have your references ready to deliver to a manager if they ask for them during or after the interview

Taking time to think through how you present yourself in your VA profile and throughout interviews can give you a competitive edge over other virtual assistants. 

6. Make Sure Your Equipment Works

If your computer, web camera, or audio doesn't work to start an interview (or it cuts out during a conversation with a potential company), you could lose out on a VA job you were ideal for. Technical difficulties can plague virtual work and interactions. Test your equipment before it's time for the interview and make sure everything works properly. 

Don't risk frustrating a potential property management company because they can't hear or see you well during your first virtual meeting! They might become concerned that you don't have the equipment you need to serve clients well. 

7. Stay Up-to-Date

If it's taking longer than you hoped to find your next property management virtual assistant job, don't waste your time! Find ways to stay up-to-date with training, expanding your knowledge bases, learning new relevant real estate management skills (such as administrative tasks, maintenance requests, and handling maintenance requests), and updating your profile with additional certifications. Spend your time wisely to make yourself more valuable within the industry!


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