Why Virtual Property Management Solutions

The only Platform designed for Property Managers by Property Managers.

Gone are the days of being bound by geographic restrictions when hiring.

VPM provides best-in-class talent from every corner of the globe.

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Business Owners

We Solve the Challenge of Finding Great People

  • Our platform is dedicated specifically to the property management industry and attracts high-quality property management professionals.

  • Your job posting will be viewed by hundreds of talented Virtual Assistant candidates.

  • Candidates apply directly to your job, and you will be able to invite candidates to apply whose skills match your criteria.

  • Property management professionals create detailed profiles with their specific skills and property management experience.

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Hire For What You Need, When You Need It

  • Post jobs for only what you need. Independent contractors for part-time, full-time, short-term, long-term—we offer it all. 

  • Provide time requirements and your hourly budget. You can define the duration of the job, whether it's long-term or short-term.

  • Post multiple jobs at the same time to quickly build your team of experts. 

  • VPM helps reduce stress by minimizing the time it takes to fill open positions.

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Industry Specific Training. VPM Academy

  • Reduce training time. Contractors take training before you contract with them

  • Contract with people who have basic industry knowl edge through VPM academy

  • Post jobs with recommended training

  • Search profiles based on certifications

  • VAs must test out before they receive a certification

  • Contract with people who know the industry lingo

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Our Guarantees

Our guarantees ensure that quality work is paid in a timely manner, giving both parties peace of mind. 

Talent Match

Talent Match Guarantee

We guarantee that you will not be charged unless you find and hire a contractor for your posted job.


Satisfaction Guarantee

No Contracts. No penalties. Cancel anytime.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking Guarantee

All tracked time is available for review through automated reporting prior to being billed.


Payment Guarantee

We guarantee that we pay your virtual team member(s) every time you make a payment.

No Middleman

No Middleman Guarantee

We guarantee you have direct access to your virtual team member(s).

Virtual Assistants

We Help You Connect With High-Quality Property Management Employers

  • Our platform is dedicated specifically to the property management industry.

  • We connect talented freelance virtual assistants with high-quality property management companies in need of their help.

  • You’ll work directly with property management clients, eliminating the cost and confusion of working with a middleman.

  • Work with quality clients around the world, from anywhere in the world!

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We Make it Easy to Showcase Your Skills

  • To get started, you’ll build a profile that showcases your skills and experience.

  • Apply to as many or as few jobs as you’d like. Property management clients will review their applicants and choose the one with the skills and experience to match what they’re looking for.

  • You can add a video resume to your application to let clients know a little more about you, and make your application more personal.

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Track Time and Recieve Payments With Ease

  • Our platform makes managing your career as a virtual assistant a breeze.

  • From creating your profile to tracking time spent on projects, you’ll do it all from the platform.

  • Payments are processed through our secure payment processing portal. You’ll get paid on time and be able to reference your time spent on a project to better estimate the time needed for future ones.

  • We handle all payments and tax information, so you get paid for your work and avoid tracking down important documents come tax time.

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No Experience. No Problem. Free Industry Specific Training.

  • VPM has created free industry specific training

  • Obtain certifications for each training completed

  • Improve your chances of finding a job

  • Increase your desired hourly rate

  • Search jobs based on recommended certifications, take the certification and apply for the job

  • Get found by companies searching for specific certifications

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