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    S Stands for Steadiness

    The S style

    This style can be categorized by a steady and supportive approach, prioritizing stability, harmony, and cooperation.


    The Peacekeeper

    S Style individuals are often known as "The Peacekeeper" due to their calm, patient demeanor and focus on maintaining peace. They excel in roles that require reliability, empathy, and attention to detail.

    • Fears: Conflict, change, and criticism.
    • Values: Stability, loyalty, and teamwork.
    • Overuses: Avoiding confrontation, modesty, or being overly accommodating.
    • Influence on Others: Provides stability and support.
    • In Conflict: Seeks compromise, values harmony.
    • Areas of Improvement: Assertiveness, decision-making.
    • DiSC Classic Patterns: Specialist, Achiever, Agent, Investigator

    S Style Goals

    • Foster harmonious relationships.
    • Maintain stability and predictability.
    • Support others and promote teamwork.
    • Achieve consensus through cooperation.
    • Provide dependable and consistent results.

    S Style Challenges

    • Asserting personal needs and boundaries.
    • Making decisions without consensus.
    • Managing change and uncertainty.
    • Balancing supportiveness with assertiveness.
    • Avoiding over-commitment and burnout.

    How They Lead

    S Style leaders excel in creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. They exhibit characteristics such as:

    • Providing emotional support and encouragement.
    • Fostering teamwork and collaboration.
    • Resolving conflicts through compromise and consensus-building.
    • Making decisions with consideration for team morale.
    • Maintaining stability and predictability.

    S Style Variations

    Remember, we all mix and match the four DiSC styles: D, i, S, and C, though we often lean heavily towards one or two. If you find yourself on the cusp between styles, chances are you'll display characteristics of both. So, if you're primarily an S, don't be surprised if you catch yourself showing i and C traits, too.


    Si Style

    The Si Style combines the supportive qualities of the S style with the vibrant enthusiasm and convincing prowess of the i style, leading to a highly cooperative and team-centric approach.


    Focus on stability while also seeking social interaction.


    Disruption of routine, social isolation.

    Influences Others By

    Providing stability and empathy.


    Kindness, personal connections, seeking reassurance.

    In Conflict

    Seeks compromise, values relationships.

    Leadership Qualities

    Provides support while fostering social connections.


    SC Style

    The SC Style uniquely blends the supportive nature of the S with the careful, analytical approach of the C, creating a leadership style marked by planning, reliability, and a keen focus on harmony and precision.


    Balancing stability with accuracy and precision.


    Making mistakes, conflict, change.

    Influences Others By

    Providing structure and attention to detail.


    Being overly critical, willingness to let others lead, humility.

    In Conflict

    Seeks compromise, values fairness.

    Leadership Qualities

    Provides stability while ensuring accuracy.


    How to Communicate
    With an S Style

    When interacting with DiSC S-style personalities, aim for a friendly and personal approach. Show genuine interest in them and communicate your expectations. Always be courteous, steer clear of confrontations, and ensure you offer clear explanations.

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