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    D Stands for Dominance

    D Style

    This style is characterized by a direct, decisive approach to tasks and challenges, often associated with traits like assertiveness and a focus on results.


    The Winner

    D Style individuals are commonly perceived as "The Winner" due to their drive, ambition, and willingness to take charge. They excel in leadership roles, preferring to lead from the front and make quick decisions. Individuals with D styles often display confidence and assertiveness but may exhibit a degree of skepticism and a tendency to question others.

    • Fears: Losing control, being taken advantage of by others.
    • Values: Achievement, independence, efficiency.
    • Overuses: Dominating conversations, overlooking details.
    • Influence on Others: Inspires action and decisiveness.
    • In Conflict: Tends to be confrontational and direct.
    • Areas of Improvement: Practicing patience and listening actively.
    • DiSC Classic Patterns: Developer, Result-Oriented, Inspirational, Creative.

    D Style Goals

    Individuals with D styles aim for goals such as:

    • Achieve tangible results.
    • Take on leadership roles.
    • Conquer challenges head-on.
    • Maintain control and autonomy.
    • Drive innovation and change.

    D Style Areas of Growth

    • Practice patience in decision-making.
    • Develop active listening skills.
    • Delegate effectively.
    • Balance assertiveness with empathy.
    • Foster collaboration and teamwork.

    How D Style Leads

    D Style leaders are known for their decisive decision-making and ability to inspire action. They exhibit characteristics such as:

    • Clear communication of expectations.
    • Setting ambitious goals.
    • Providing direct feedback.
    • Leading by example.
    • Taking ownership of outcomes.

    D Style Variations

    Remember, we're all a mix of the DiSC styles: D, i, S, and C, though we often lean more toward one or two. If you find yourself on the cusp between styles, chances are you display characteristics of both. So, for those primarily D styles, don't be surprised if you see some i and C traits in yourself, too.


    Di Style

    The Di Style combines D's assertiveness and determination with i's sociability and influence, creating a powerful blend that leads to dynamic leadership and enthusiastic collaboration.


    Focus on influencing others, and desire to drive change.

    Losing control, being criticized.
    Influences Others By
    Providing direction and motivation.
    Dominating discussions, ignoring feedback.
    In Conflict
    Becomes confrontational, seeks to win.
    Leadership Qualities
    Inspires action, and sets ambitious goals.

    DC Style

    The DC Style merges D's decisive, goal-oriented approach with C's analytical mindset, creating leaders who seek efficiency and thoroughness in their quest for success.

    Balancing results with accuracy.
    Making mistakes or losing control.
    Influences Others By
    Providing structure and direction.
    Being overly critical, and micromanaging.
    In Conflict
    Seeks compromise, values fairness.
    Leadership Qualities
    Driven by results, values precision.

    How to Communicate
    With a D Style

    When engaging with DiSC D-style individuals, start with the key points immediately. Keep it concise. Remain on topic. Steer clear of broad statements. Avoid redundancy. Focus on solutions, not problems.

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